Stories From Science

Ep 6 - Science in a bottle: Richard and Sian Liwicki of Bothy Vineyard



If you had to go hunting for science, where would you look? Research labs, university laboratories, school classrooms perhaps. But what about on a vineyard? In our quest to seek out and tell the Stories from Science - wherever that science might be lurking - it turns out that there is a lot of science in winemaking. In this episode, we interview Sian and Richard Liwicki from Bothy Vineyard in Frilford Heath, just outside Abingdon. They are both scientists, and they are the perfect guide to the science of what happens from grape to bottle. Along the way, we learned the ways to prevent fake wine, the special - and freakishly unique - geology of a small strip of Oxfordshire land, but most of all we experienced the inner peace that comes from seeking balance and harmony in a little slice of Oxfordshire countryside. Come on that journey with us...