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Ep 4 - Shoot for the Moon: Inspiring the next science generation with Fran Long of SublimeSTEM



The teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – STEM – is possibly *the* hot topic in education at the moment, with hundreds of thousands of new scientists and engineers needed in the UK over the coming years, but how do we get more young people into STEM? In this episode we talk to Fran Long of Sublime STEM, inspirational STEM educator and Primary Science Specialist. Fran developed a ‘start local’ philosophy of STEM teaching, reaching out to everyone from school parents to global companies, and in the process turning curriculum science topics in her school into interactive spectacles to wow young people. We'll discover why children need to get hooked on science by age 10, why family involvement is crucial and why current methods of encouraging girls into STEM might be counter-productive. Fran talks about the networks that exist right now to get kids hooked on science - and the activities that led to her winning the UK’s Primary Science Teacher Award earlier this year.