Raven Rising



A podcast dedicated to D.J. MacHale's Pendragon series. Join your hosts Anna and Jonathan as we discuss news, theories, and all other things Pendragon-related.


  • Raven Rising #5.5: Apologies and Announcements

    21/08/2009 Duración: 02min

    A brief episode to update the listeners on what's happening with Raven Rising. -Apologies that no new episodes have been released, and that the live show never happened. It might someday, but don't count down the days. -Due to time limitations and other factors, Raven Rising may or may not have semi-regular updates anymore. -Jonathan will no longer be a co-host on the show. If you are interested in potentially being a Raven Rising co-host, e-mail Anna at raven.rising@gmail.com

  • Raven Rising #5: Love Flume

    31/05/2009 Duración: 01h48min

    The fifth episode of Raven Rising! This episode was recorded long before Soldiers of Halla was released, and so is entirely spoiler free for the tenth book. -Belated Pendragon news: D.J. MacHale tour, D.J. MacHale e-mails, Pendragon games. -Raven Rising has exceeded its bandwidth on Pod-o-Matic, which means we will be taking down earlier episodes to make room for new ones. The early episodes will still be available for direct download here: http://www.filefactory.com/f/1bd4226913a34b6e/. -Raven Rising has BIG NEWS to make! At the end of the show, that is. -Pen Pals discussion of Loor. Well, sort of. We end up tangenting about shipping and arguing over random Pendragon subjects. -Halla Hypothesis: what did D.J. MacHale mean when he said, “How do you know there are only ten territories in Halla?” We don’t come up with many answers. -The introduction of a brand new segment that we literally came up with while recording: Random Ravens! We have an extensive discussion of many Pendragon ships. -“Spader flir

  • Raven Rising #4: Super-Duper!!

    05/04/2009 Duración: 01h34min

    And we’re back! This week’s episode is much better than the last, if we do say so ourselves. The main topic of this week’s show is Before the War: Book Two of the Travelers. If you have not read this book, please do not listen, as THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. -Pendragon news: Soldier’s of Halla cover released, D.J. MacHale's Facebook, and contest for the first signed copy of Raven Rising. -Special discussion of Before the War: Book Two of the Travelers! Again, if you haven’t read this yet, SPOILERS ABOUND! -Carla versus Walter? Sorry Carla, but Walter wins on sparklyness. -Discussions of Aja’s, Elli’s, and Alder’s stories, including our opinions and analysis. -Saint Dane’s role: how active was he before Bobby became a Traveler? Why was he around more in Book Two than Book One? And why does he keep winking at people? -Is Nak really Nevva? -Morals and lessons that we’re not sure if the characters actually learned. -Press: how big of a role does he play in the other Travelers’ lives? Is he too all-knowing?