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This mom daughter duo are getting conscious about art and living like only two Philly Italian woman can by raising the roof on life!


  • The RH Factor

    01/07/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    If you are living in the east coast, by now you have probably heard of the self taught artist from Delaware, Rick Hidalgo. With an abundance of drive and passion, Rick has been able to explore many different mediums in art. From sketches in charcoal, to paintings, sculpting, resin, and now woodwork, he has excelled with his amazing eye to detail and expression of natural habitats. His pieces are not only visually stunning and very avant garde, but hold significant emotion behind each piece. Rick's involvement in the local art community lead him to begin his teaching career in Wilmington in 2013. Join us as we talk about the importance of health, happiness, and passion being the main fuel for his leadership in this industry. We will also talk about working in many different mediums, life changes, teaching, and his new studio that he has been able to redesign and build, due to open in the fall - You don't want to miss this! 

  • Changing Habits with Cyndi O'Meara

    03/06/2017 Duración: 01h08min

    We are so excited to have a very special guest with us Cyndi O'Meara of Changing Habits. Cyndi is a Nutritionist, Film Maker, Author, Speaker, Educator and Founder of Changing Habits. I had the pleasure of meeting Cyndi when she was filming Dr. Terry Wahls for her amazing film: ‘What’s With Wheat?’ Cyndi graduated with a BSc majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984 & formed a special interest in ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path and stayed clear of the low fat diets of the day, and not without controversy. Cyndi is about educating, her greatest love is to teach people, in order for them to make better choices in their life, so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their life. Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourage others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their

  • Lyme Disease Hope w/ Dr. Jay Davidson

    20/05/2017 Duración: 01h04min

    Some of the most significant work that has fueled my miracle life comes from those who were facing a health adversity head on, in real time and not someone working in a lab. This holds true to our next guest, international selling author & respected leader in the Lyme Disease world Dr. Jay Davidson.Dr. Jay's wife almost died from having Lyme Disease and today through Dr. Jay's efforts she lives a vibrant and healthy life. We are so excited to have Dr. Jay share with us the journey to healing his wife experienced. These changes were so great it resulted in a career change, relocating and so much more! Today Dr. Jay & his team offer coaching services as well they curate the popular Lyme Disease Summit. The last summit seen 30K helped to fuel awareness in the community that hope lives and those suffering from Lyme have options. The 2nd Summit called Lyme disease Summit 2 is gearing up to start early June offering all kind of expert information for your body, mind & spirit. Join us as Dr. Jay shares

  • From Music to Foxy Mermaid

    06/05/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    Join us this Saturday for our live radio show where we are honored to have Niki Benjamin, CEO of Paradise Found and Foxy Mermaid Boutique. This episode will be filled with hearing how life goes from being a successful music executive to a career in all things every girl loves: jewels. We will explore the ups and downs of such a huge career change and how you successfully navigate this while helping a parent during a health crisis and meeting the love of your life. So much to share so you do not want to miss this episode because the moral of the story is a passion driven live delivers. LIVE 10am PST on Blog Talk Radio as we up your volume. Check out Foxy Mermaid online here.

  • Real Food Inspired Me

    22/04/2017 Duración: 59min

    Join us this week live for a very special guest, Beth Schultz of Real Food Inspired Me. Hear how this warrior gained her life back after living with Multiple Sclerosis & Lyme disease for 9 years. Real food inspired her so much she purchased 10 acres to become a rural farmer & put herself back in school to study nutrition. Excited to have Beth share this journey & all the ups and downs that she experienced. Be ready to be engaged, inspired and awakened to the power of real food & consciousness. We could not be more excited to have Beth LIVE, Saturday, April 22nd at 10am PST. BAM.

  • Giving You a Taste of Hope

    15/04/2017 Duración: 59min

    Tune in live, Saturday, April 15th as we talk with triple platinum singer/songwriter Hope from Detroit, Michigan! Hope attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and while at Berklee, Hope received the ASCAP Scholarship and opened up for Universal Records recording artist Jeremih in 2009. Hope graduated with a degree in Songwriting in 2011 and then moved to Los Angeles. Soon after, Hope wrote a song for Malaysian Topstar 2004 winner, Prema Yin, her 2011 single "Prove It To Me". The song received radio airplay in Malaysia on the famous HitzFM radio station. "Prove It To Me" eventually went to number one on their MET 10 charts. Hope also wrote two songs, "Dessert" and "Made You Look" for British pop sensation Ellapaige on her debut 2013 EP "Made You Look" which was a success on Youtube as well as iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. On May 22nd 2015, Universal Music Group Finland artist Evelina released "Vuoristorataa" which was written by Hope and a few other Finnish writers. . On October 28th, 2016, Evelina r

  • Dr. Terry Wahls LIVE- Cooking for Life

    08/04/2017 Duración: 01h00s

    Up Your Volume radio is excited, honored & proud to have Dr. Terry Wahls LIVE on our morning show, April 8th at 10am PST to share her latest research & newly released book The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life.  This will be Dr. Wahls 1st interview in months & will offer LIVE Q&A.Mark your calenders now for you chance to speak directly with Dr. Terry Wahls. We are so excited to be able to share all the excitement around her new book The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life.  Within the pages of this amazing new book Dr. Wahls shares the essential Paleo-inspired recipes we need to reduce & often eliminate chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms related to autoimmune problems, neurological diseases, and other chronic conditions, even when physicians have been unable to make a specific diagnosis. The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life is packed with easy-to-prepare meals based on Dr. Wahls’s pioneering therapeutic lifestyle clinic & her clinical research, offered in a simple format

  • Bedridden to Kilimanjaro

    25/03/2017 Duración: 37min

    Join me as we welcome a very SPECIAL GUEST, Cana Guernsey 40 years old, born and lives in beautiful northern Michigan. Married to her best friend, and mom to a 21 and 19 year old. Diagnosed with RRMS in 2006, after years of trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Spent the next 5 years pretty stable, just small flares. In 2013 things started to decline quickly, was using a wheel chair to go any distance, spent the month of October 2013 completely bed bound. It was during this time that her eating changed, found Dr Wahls TEDx Talk, and the paleo lifestyle. It only took a couple of months before the chair was gone for good. Cana still struggles with energy, balance, weakness, and drop foot. She believes pushing is beneficial and not to let her disability hold her back. This Badass In February traveled to Africa by herself to achieve a life goal, because she doesn't believe in waiting for tomorrows. On February 28 after five days of hiking reached Gilman's point 18652feet which is on of the three points o

  • Check-in With the Hosts

    04/03/2017 Duración: 39min

    Welcoming in March with a co-host check in. This episode will share what are the hot topics that we hope to share in 2017. In addition where you can find us touring & all the fun ways we can meet. Each week we are LIVE offering rare Q&A opportunities for our listeners. Stay tuned for guests like Dr. Terry Wahls and many more coming in the next few weeks as we up your volume. Join Nicki Bove & V aka PaleoBOSS Lady Live, 10am PST every Saturday on Blog Talk Radio.

  • Here & Now

    25/02/2017 Duración: 59min

    After spending a year touring as a member of Esperanza Spalding's experimental music and theater project, Emily Elbert is back with some new singles! Emily's soulful funk-folk style have been showcased in her four albums prior to these latest singles. She is able to soothe our souls with her voice and at the same time wow us with her incredible guitar skills.  Tune in this Saturday, February 25th at 10AM PST/1PM EST as we chat with Emily Elbert as we talk about her latest singles, "Letting Go" and "Here & Now", how life on the road has been, and what else she has in store for 2017.

  • A Mission Carried Out With Purpose

    18/02/2017 Duración: 01h00s

    Join us as we welcome live Yrmis Barroeta from Mission Heirloom plus a special post Grammy wrap up with Nicki. Mission Heirloom grew from a healing journey for both Yrmis and her family and we are so excited to speak with Yrmis about all that encompasses Mission Heirloom. From understanding a life with autoimmune issues to founding a conscious space whose "mission is carried out with purpose" we are going to talk about all of it and also the TEDx experience and how that journey evolved for Yrmis. This Saturday, February 18th together we will find out how you master a believe that "changing our food system starts with your first delicious bite, and ends with expanding your mind" as we welcome Yrmis of Mission Heirloom LIVE, 10am PST, on BlogTalk Radio.      

  • The Art of Impatience

    11/02/2017 Duración: 01h03min

    I feel like it was yesterday I stumbled upon a company that grabbed my attention from the word go. Nutpods is that company because their product line truly answers a need I have and many others. During the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" coffee and their additives start most people's days off very unhealthy. Being able to offer a healthy solution is what Nutpods is all about. As stated on their website Nutpods was born out of founder Madeline Haydon's impatience for a wholesome dairy-free creamer that had the richness and creaminess of half & half. For years, she waited for a company, any company, to develop this type of product - without carrageenan or the "usual suspects" of titanium dioxide, mono and diglycerides, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. Finally Madeline took matters into her own hands and started a Kickstarter to fund her company and begin to carefully craft nutpods to be wholesomely delicious and to give you the freedom to choose your own sweetness level, enjoy the rich creamines

  • Karma Inspiration

    04/02/2017 Duración: 56min

    We all find our selves thinking about Karma. Many times saying things like 'Karma is a bitch." However few of us are inspired by Karma to create a movement, product line and dedication to sharing Karma. This week we are excited to start 2017 off with a show dedicated to Karma. Join us as we welcome Clair Bancroft; Founder, Designer and Owner of Get Karmic. Get Karmic shares good karma for any occasion. Clair will share with us the motivation behind her movement, her hopes for the message and how we can all include Karma in our lives while sharing it with others. Join us for this special 1st Live show of 2017! We are also excited to share some of our plans for Up Your Volume in 2017 that includes special guests: Dr. Terry Wahls and LIVE performances from artists all over the world. Join us as we up the volume this year regarding the arts and consciousness.

  • Wrapping Up 2016 Highlights

    03/12/2016 Duración: 50min

    This week will be a special mom - daughter live show with highlights of our 1st year. Nicki will tap into the arts highlights of the year on our podcast and V will offer the conscious living BAM's. So much information has been offered with each show that we know many of you have not been able to catch each episode. We hope to help offer how each week we were able to up the volume with guests sharing their stories, passions and talents. Starting this week Nicki will also perform LIVE to start the season of giving off by sharing her incredible talents as a singer. In addition we have some new changes in store for our live show in 2017 we are excited to share with everyone so please join us this Saturday LIVE on Up Your Volume, 1:00pm EST, 12:00pm CST & 10:00am PST right here on Blog Talk Radio!  

  • Saturday With Successful Ghee.E.O of Tin Star Foods Hima Pandya

    19/11/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    In the conscious food movement there is only one product we call crack and it is Brown Butter from Tin Star Foods. Literally this stuff will blow your mind with the 1st taste. We are talking to the founder & Ghee.E.O herself, Hima about the fast growing Ghee Empire she has built in just 2 years LIVE this Saturday. The line of products from Tin Star is the highest quality & the only grass-fed, hand poured ghee on the market. Not only has Hima broken ground growing a successful company in just 2 years, she has moved facilities almost across the country, grew the brand & the Tin Star Team while placing the product in retailers you would least suspect. Literally she is crushing it. Learn more how life went from 0 to 60 & how Hima keeps it all together. Live Saturday, November 19th, 10am PST for a very special Up Your Volume Live Radio Show with Nicki Bove & V Capaldi aka PaleoBOSS Lady  

  • Will Makar is in the House!

    13/11/2016 Duración: 57min

    We are so excited to have Will Makar join us for a very special edition of our live morning show! You all met will on American Idol and many have seen him on stage opening for John Mayer, Lee Brice, and Hot Chelle Rae. In addition Will also performed at Mardi Gras Galveston, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Good Day Houston, and Boston University so he has been hard to miss. Currently Will is performing all over LA and this week was at The Hotel Cafe! Cannot wait to talk about the LA music scene, life after Idol and the MakingMonthlyMusic Project. Join us Sunday at 10am PST right here for a Sunday edition of Up Your Volume on BlogTalk Radio featuring Nicki Bove & PaleoBOSS Lady. Social media: -facebook.com/OfficialWillMakar -Instagram: @willjmakar -Twitter: @willjmakar -YouTube.com/willmakarofficial -Snapchat: wmakar  

  • Following A Heart Of Gold

    05/11/2016 Duración: 01h01min

    So excited to have Mario Jose back on Up Your Volume LIVE this Saturday at 10:00am PST talking about the release of his much anticipated debut EP, Heart of Gold. The former Berklee College of Music graduate sings his heart out on this album, and truly delivers a masterful performance on each one of these songs.  It seems like only yesterday we were talking to Mario about about Heart of Gold while he was still in the writing and recording process. Now it has been out a little over three weeks and it has had brilliant articles from Billboard Phillipins and OUT Magazine, and has already broken into the Top 50 iTunes Pop Chart! It is no shock that everyone is falling in love with Mario's music and personality. Tune in this Saturday at 10am PST to hear how life has been now that his first pieces of original music are finally out there, and what's next for this talented singer! SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS TO TAG: Instagram - @HeyItsMarioJose Twitter - @HeyItsMarioJose Facebook - /MarioJoseMusic YouTube - /MarioJos

  • Making MS Your Bitch & Marijuana Chatter

    29/10/2016 Duración: 01h02min

    So excited to have our next guest on LIVE this Saturday at 10:00am PST talking about how she makes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) her bitch! In addition her advocacy work for the legalization of marijuana is off the hook inspiring and helping all of us. Join us as we welcome my friend and fellow badass Suset "Healgirl" Marcantoni. Suset is a certified chef, former personal trainer, wife, and mother of three from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2012 she has finished two half marathons, multiple obstacle course races, including the Spartan race, and cultivated a support group for chronic illness sufferers. Through her research and personal experience, she has also become a grower and advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Suset is currently completing a degree in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching from Arizona State University. BAM. You are not going to want to miss this LIVE podcast with Q&A to follow. Join us this Saturday LIVE at 10am PST and up your volume.  

  • Healthy in Heels

    22/10/2016 Duración: 59min

    So excited to welcome fellow badass and friend Auroa Colello to this Saturday's special edition live podcast. Aurora is a great example of how a diagnosis can change your life and not for the worse. Since day one she has kicked MS to the curb. In 2008 Aurora Colello was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Through diet & lifestyle changes, Aurora has stopped the progression of her disease and has been healthy and symptom free for the past 7 years. She also is a Wahls Warrior like PaleoBOSS Lady. This badass went from never working out or being active to becoming a sponsored triathlete, racing over 32 triathlons, including 3 Half Ironman. Aurora is passionate about sharing her journey while encouraging others to change their lifestyles . She is also a health and wellness writer and speaker sharing her message globablly. So powerful is her message that Aurora's story has been featured on Fox News, Shape Magazine, Latina Magazine, KPBS evening edition  and other media outlets. She and her husband Robert h

  • Talking Hip Hop & Passion

    12/10/2016 Duración: 01h06min

    Join us this week as we rasie the roof on life by talking Hip Hop and following your passion. So excited to have our special guest Justin Hunte! Justin and V met at WORLDZ in August and have been admiring each others work ever since. Justin is the Brand Ambassador of HipHopDX and is the host/writer/producer of The Breakdown, YouTube's most dynamic Hip Hop editorial series. We are going to dive how one person brings The Breakdown each week offering great insight into the world of HipHop. In addition Justin was the former Editor-in-Chief of DX, Hunte’s been featured on Revolt TV’s “Revolt Live” and the AllOutShow on SiriusXM, as well as in Billboard magazine, digital campaigns for Lexus, Honda, Brisk, and Simple Mobile. Prior to joining HipHopDX, Hunte spent 5 years working in investment banking at Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch and has covered music, politics, and culture for numerous publications. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California. @TheCompanyMan on all socials. We are so looking forward

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