Glorious Nippon Steel: The Podcast Folded Over 1000 Times



Welcome you filthy gaijin scum! This is Glorious Nippon Steel: The Podcast Folded Over 1000 Times. If you like anime and video games, but hate listening to funny, qualified or helpful people talk about them, then boy is this the Podcast for you! Each episode humble Salary-men Rich and Keith recount their adventures in the Nerdverse. Hold onto your waifu, cause Richs appetite for Japans finest imports knows no bounds. After gorging himself on anime and video games each week, he happily vomits his impressions all over the audience. Keith is also there, usually measuring anime school girl skirts with a fervor matched only by the chastest of nuns. You want episode recaps? They got em! Reviews and recommendations? You bet! Inane bickering? And how! They even serve up a slice of life at the end of every episode by answering each others hard hitting questions about life, love and the pursuit of fast food. So whether you hail from Shibuya or Seattle, this glorious podcast has something for everyone (as long as you speak English).

Honor your family: Listen to Glorious Nippon Steel.