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  • Episode 94 - "In the Booooooks" for Season 5

    23/05/2020 Duración: 01h35min

    Hey y'all,   This week, Julie took a nap and Janine did some space stuff while Allison and special guest Jenna Pulkowski talked book shit for Outlander's fifth season. Should go without saying, but do not listen to this episode if you have not read the books and want to remain unspoiled!   Please join us for our season five dice-rollin' awards-givin' wrap-up spectacular, live on Sunday 5/24 at 1 p.m. CST. This event is open to all listeners, not just patrons, so feel free to "bring" a friend (or a "friend," no judgments.) Link here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/live-s5-party   Last, a brief CONTENT WARNING: there's a brief discussion of sexual abuse and sexual violence from roughly 42:30 to 44:10.   Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Jenna!)

  • Episode 93 - Outlander S5 E12, "Never My Love"

    16/05/2020 Duración: 01h32min

    Hey y'all,   Woof, here we go. Early in the episode, you'll hear Allison talk about a safe jump-ahead point for anyone who might want to avoid our discussion of the sexual violence in "Never My Love." You can listen safely until the five-minute mark and then skip ahead if you want to avoid all prolonged discussion of the first half of the episode. If you jump to 33:50, you'll hit the section where we talk about the dissociative episodes (the "Never My Love" stuff); if you jump to 49:52, you'll skip to the battle in the woods and Claire's recovery. Any mentions past that point are fleeting, though we do discuss her recovery at length. You should also stop reading these show-notes now, we love you, you look super nice today, love that top, your hair is so shiny, you're doing great, we'll see you next week.   For the rest of you: There's a lengthy discussion in this episode about the show's history of sexual violence, and we wanted to mention that our list is depressingly and distressingly incomplete. The fact t

  • Episode 92 - Outlander S5 E11, "Journeycake"

    09/05/2020 Duración: 01h53min

    Hey y'all, This week friend of the show Ruth "I wrote a fuckin' amazing limerick about Murtagh in five minutes" McCormack joins Allison and Janine to talk about the Hot Pess episode to end all Hot Pess episodes (Hot Pessisodes?), Diana Gabaldon's "Journeycake." Come for the bad time traveling, stay for the SPERRRRRMS. Patreon friends — Look for another inthebooooooks on Crowdcast later this week. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine (and Ruth!)

  • Episode 91 - Outlander S5 E10, "Mercy Shall Follow Me"

    01/05/2020 Duración: 01h49min

    Hey y'all,   This is a bit of a weird one—some audio issues, some cat issues, some "Allison can't stop harping about book stuff" issues—but we think you'll like it as much as some folks like second breakfast.  Also, Patreon backers can look for an intheboooooooks Crowdcast - exact time TBD but it'll be Saturday.   Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 90 - Outlander S5 E9, "Monsters and Heroes"

    24/04/2020 Duración: 01h28min

    Hey y'all,   We feel compelled to warn you that Julie had a weird fan thing going on with her computer (overheating, or maybe too much friction) so the audio got a little out of hand. But that doesn't matter, because we wrapped our fingers around the opportunities throbbing through this episode and gently squeezed. Enjoy.   Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 89 - Outlander S5 E8, "Famous Last Words"

    18/04/2020 Duración: 01h19min

    Hey y'all, We had some technical difficulties and thus ran short on time but still managed to have a lot to say about the return of John Bell and his sick new threads, Richard Rankin's astounding performance, and whether or not it's a good idea to assume your audience is stupid. (Spoiler: it's not!) Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn't, but there's no denying that "Famous Last Words" is ambitious in a way few episodes of this series have been, and that is an undeniable Good Thing. So here are our very mixed thoughts about it. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 88 - Podlander Drunkcast Live from the Oasis!

    13/04/2020 Duración: 01h21min

    Hey y'all, Back in February, when the world was, ah, super different, we headed to our favorite local bar, The Oasis, for a ridiculous live show. (For context, it was the week after the premiere.) We won't spoil it for you but suffice it to say it was quite an adventure and we had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially thanks to Michelle and the lovely people of The Oasis, who are always the best whether we've got microphones with us or not. (And they are not responsible for the obnoxious ringing sound you hear from time to time, that's on us—sorry about that.) To that end, if you've got a couple extra bucks and have ever had a pint from the O, you can support its terrific staff here. We'll be back to talking about what's actually happening in the show next week. For now, stay safe, pour yourself a nice drink, and enjoy. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 87 - Outlander S5 E7, "The Ballad of Roger Mac"

    02/04/2020 Duración: 02h01min

    Hey y'all, DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE WATCHED SEASON FIVE, EPISODE SEVEN. This lengthy episode of the pod speaks for itself. We had a lot to say about the show's best outing in years—and in fact, we're going to say more! On Friday night, we'll be doing a virtual happy hour (SERIOUSLY STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED)... but really it's a Digital Wake to make up for the real-life wake we promised y'all but which we can't do yet. We still will! Just not until the world is in a better place. For now, join us Friday evening (4/3) here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/drunkcast-happy-hour. 7 pm CST. BYOB. We'll bring some of you up on the call so if you want to do that, make sure you've got lots of light and your favorite earrings or a wig or appropriate funeral attire, whatever you want. Or just come as you are. We love you. Let's pour one out for the Pamplemousse. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 86 - Outlander S5 E6, "Better to Marry than Burn"

    27/03/2020 Duración: 01h08min

    Hey y'all, Construction on the apartment directly above Allison's forced her to bail on this episode (though she'll do an #intheboooooooks on CrowdCast), so Julie and Janine were joined by friend of the show Amelia Buzzell! They talked about plagiarism, fuckbois, and hot ghosts. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine (and Amelia!)

  • Episode 85 - Outlander S5 E5, "Perpetual Adoration"

    20/03/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    Hey y'all, Hello from the very strange present moment. We love you! Here's an episode we recorded in three separate apartments all within five blocks of each other. It worked out okay.  We'd say more but we figure with all the voiceover in this episode you're kind of over hearing/reading lengthy explanations about stuff you already know. In summation: KITTY! Anyway, here's "Wonderwall." Be safe, and be good to yourselves. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 84 - Outlander S5 E4, "The Company We Keep"

    13/03/2020 Duración: 01h31s

    Greetings ferns,  This week Julie is joined by a very special guest host, our dear pal and friend of the show Jenna Pulkowski! Both Allison and Janine were out this week, but the band will be back together soon. For now, Julie and Jenna proudly present... The Chronicles of FLMF. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 83 - Outlander S5 E3, "Free Will"

    06/03/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    Hey y'all, Well, that one was a doozy, no? This was the first episode in quite awhile where Janine didn't see any of it at all, and we were very prepared for some earnest "oh, shit" action. Needless to say, it happened. Come for the Beardsley weirdness (Beardsley weirdsleys?) and stay for an, ah, emphatic response to that John Quincy Myers appearance. Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 82 - Outlander S5 E2, "Between Two Fires"

    28/02/2020 Duración: 01h14min

    Hey y'all, This week we were joined by our favorite twins, Keenan and Scottie, for a rousing discussion of a good episode with a bad title. You'll hear us reference the live show a few times (it was so fun, thanks to those who came!) which we'll post down the line, but for now content yourselves with this enthusiastic cake-fueled chat (and one little bonus minisode for Patreon subscribers, the first in a series we're calling "Janine's Corner: The Janine Experience"). Lots of love, Allison, Julie and Janine

  • Episode 81 - Outlander S5 E1, "The Fiery Cross"

    21/02/2020 Duración: 02h31min

    Hey y'all, We're back! And so is the show! And so are you! Hurrah! And you know what's not back? THE BANGS! Cocktails (and pamplemousse LaCroix) in hand, the drunks got together to watch and discuss an hour with a wedding, a boning montage, some very pretty but questionable woodwork, and wigs of varying degrees of crunchiness. Do we have quibbles? Yes. Are we so, so glad our special program is back? Yes. Do we make that clear by talking for TWO AND A HALF HOURS? Yes. Want to hear more about all of the above? Com join us at our live show on Saturday (check our Facebook page!) And by the way, it was Pusha T, not T-Pain. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine   "Mischief Maker" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

  • Episode 80 - Season 5 extended trailer reaction!

    10/01/2020 Duración: 46min

    Hey y'all, Look! An actual trailer! Julie, Allison, and Janine got together to watch and discuss a much heartier preview than we've seen so far. And Julie made a cocktail! Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 79 - Outlander S5 first look!

    31/12/2019 Duración: 01h17min

    Hey y'all, Allison, Julie, and Janine got very holly and jolly to watch the recently shared first look at Outlander's fifth season, and of course it went in an unexpected direction. Heads up that this episode contains a fair amount of in-the-boooooooks stuff, so if you're planning to read the book before watching the season (or after, but want to experience it without any spoilers) you'll want to switch off once that starts. Lots of love— Allison, Julie & Janine

  • Episode 78 - Outlander S5 teaser reaction reaction

    18/10/2019 Duración: 45min

    Hey y'all, The three of us couldn't manage to get it together to record this episode in one place, so what you've got is Julie and Allison reacting to the Outlander season five teaser trailer, Janine reacting to the Outlander season five teaser trailer, and Allison and Julie reacting to Janine reacting to the Outlander season five teaser trailer. We hope it is at least moderately entertaining. We'll be sharing the videos themselves, in one handy compilation, in a post to come shortly for Patreon folks.  Also, please send us hotness suggestions! Twitter! Facebook! Email (podlanderdrunkcast@gmail.com)! Do your worst! Lots of love, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 77 - Don't make us call it "Droughtlander"

    08/10/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    Hey y'all,   New episode! We got together to talk about how fall has been, new TV shows, Janine's new podcast, and what the hell we're going to talk about until February.    On that topic, you'll hear us discuss what's probably going to be a three-episode miniseries we need your help to put together. You can comment here, share your ideas on Twitter (@podlandercast) or in our Slack channel, or email us at podlanderdrunkcast@gmail.com.   Yours in hotness, Allison, Julie, and Janine

  • Episode 76 - Podlander Drunkcast Summer Hang!

    12/07/2019 Duración: 01h11min

    Hello, friends! We'll get back to the Dune vase soon, we promise, but we decided to blow the dust off the ol' microphones with some light chat about how we spent our summer vacations, podcasts, mystery novels, and barbaric boning. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and Janine

  • Episode 75 - Dudelander Season 4 Part Two!

    21/03/2019 Duración: 01h04min

    Hey y'all - Here it is, our unintentional part two, our realization that we needed a part two, and a long, long conversation about man-in-bear-suit. The photo above will be addressed. We've got an Anyway, Patty coming for you this weekend, too! Last thing: Will you be at C2E2? If so, give us a shout—Allison will be there for work and would love to say hi. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, Janine, Kevin, and Neal

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