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Greetings From Allentown is a podcast taking a look at the history of pro wrestling through the lens of weekly TV episodes from the 70s through the 90s covering WWF, WCW, and much more!


  • 167. WCW Worldwide 02-02-1991 (Arn regains TV title)

    167. WCW Worldwide 02-02-1991 (Arn regains TV title)

    07/05/2020 Duración: 01h21min

    As we live like it’s Groundhog Day, it is appropriate to go back to February 2, 1991 for newsworthy edition of WCW Worldwide! - Footage of Ric Flair’s world title win over Sting, and more info on the Meadowlands show - Arn Anderson gets a chance to regain the TV title from the Z-Man and does not disappoint even if the match does - Father Sid Vicious checks in with a couple of bible readings - Kevin Sullivan Boston Accent Watch, plus his hilarious outfit - Tommy Rich and the 1970s Yacht Rock song “Wildfire” - The 1991 Freebirds and what current NBA team are they like - Doom’s final theme song and the horn section therein - Forgetting the names of the Master Blasters multiple times - Trying to brew beer and make good BBQ while ignoring stupid neighbors Email: Twitter:

  • GFA Live #5: 1990 WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament

    GFA Live #5: 1990 WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament

    02/05/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    On this edition of GFA Live, Peter and Keithie watch and (mostly) discuss the 1990 WWF Intercontinental title tournament as it played out on weekly TV 30 years ago this month! Topics of discussion include: - Casting Goodfellas with WWF personalities - Avril Lavigne and Judith Light conspiracy theories - Speculation on the making of one sign in the crowd - Dino Bravo selling a hail of bullets - Jimmy Snuka’s remaining usefulness - Who actually was the “Manager of Champions”? - Mr. Perfect’s package - All sorts of Portland Wrestling connections - The woman who does not like Rick Martel Email: Twitter:

  • 166. WWF Superstars 05-02-1987 (Heenan/Patera Debate)

    166. WWF Superstars 05-02-1987 (Heenan/Patera Debate)

    30/04/2020 Duración: 02h48min

    It’s a mildly historic TV taping for this episode of the WWF Superstars of Wrestling from May 2, 1987! - Bobby Heenan faces Ken Patera in a debate: a comprehensive analysis - As Brutus Beefcake debuts his barber gimmick, Johnny V makes a tactical error - Randy Savage in the middle of his “most interesting man in the world” campaign - The final Adrian Adonis match in the WWF - Trying to figure out why Tom Zenk always looked dead inside - The bizarre way in which Dan Spivey became a WWF heel - Finding something for Outback Jack to do: promote ice cream bars - A pair of rants: one against the most useless state in the union, and another for that smug prick John Stossel Email: Twitter:

  • 165. Memphis Wrestling 06-07-1986 (Diamond gets a haircut)

    165. Memphis Wrestling 06-07-1986 (Diamond gets a haircut)

    23/04/2020 Duración: 02h44min

    Walking in Memphis….keeping six feet away my friend, walking in Memphis for the June 7, 1986 edition of Memphis Wrestling! - Paul Diamond misreads crazy man Jos LeDuc and gets a haircut for his trouble; but was it that bad? - JD Costello: generic brand manager - The trouble with 8 man tags in the Memphis studio - Bill Dundee as the rare 80s tweener - Expressing legitimate anger at the state of current pro wrestling, among other things - The Beach Boys debut and a back story about griping on their gear Email: Twitter:

  • GFA Live #4: WWF Summerslam Spectacular 1991

    GFA Live #4: WWF Summerslam Spectacular 1991

    18/04/2020 Duración: 02h43min

    With snow falling in Massachusetts it’s time to turn up the heat with a look at the WWF Summerslam Spectacular from 1991, originally airing on the USA Network. Topics of discussion include: - Why Peter doesn’t want Keithie to ever work in WWE creative - The concept of “Anal Terrorism” - Vince McMahon watching Indiana Jones movies - Bret vs Shawn yet again - Sid as a priest-like figure to explain why he is so beloved by Roman Catholics in the northeast - Celebrity death pools - Guessing the masked man that is Virgil’s opponent Email: Twitter:

  • 164. WCW Pro 04-27-1997

    164. WCW Pro 04-27-1997

    16/04/2020 Duración: 02h37min

    Back in the day, wrestling used to be taped in front of actual people in the state of Florida, like this edition of WCW Pro from April 27, 1997! - Lord Steven Regal: master of WCW Pro and Worldwide tapings - Two editions of According to Larry with so much going on in WCW - La Parka vs Ice Train: not the WCW randomness that it seemed - How the Dungeon of Doom was like a successful private equity fund - The timing of the Prince Iuekea push relative to this taping and air date - Eric Bischoff as the bad precedent he set - Building to the secretly good Slamboree 97 show with its many NFL players Plus: - Original commercials! - Chris Cruise checks in from the road - Buying and making beer - A musical replacement for YouTube Comment Theater Email: Twitter:

  • GFA Live #3: All Japan Pro Wrestling 11-20-1988

    GFA Live #3: All Japan Pro Wrestling 11-20-1988

    11/04/2020 Duración: 57min

    On this third edition of GFA Live, Peter and Keithie take a look at All Japan TV from November 20, 1988! Familiar faces abound on night #1 of the annual Real World Tag League such as Stan Hansen, Terry Gordy, John Tenta, Abdullah the Butcher, Jumbo Tsuruta, Genichiro Tenryu, and more! Discussion topics include: Podcasting when you know your mother is listening, John Tenta's ranking as a Hulk Hogan opponent, the slots in Abdullah the Butcher's forehead, Phil Hickerson and cultural appropriation, Hansen-Andre from 1981 and much more! Lineup courtesy of 11/20/88 1. John Tenta/Shunji Takano vs. Stan Hansen/Terry Gordy 2. Jumbo Tsuruta/Yoshikai Yatsu vs. Jerry Blackwell/Phil Hickerson 3. Abby/Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Genichiro Tenryu/Toshiaki Kawada

  • 163. NWA Worldwide 04-05-1986

    163. NWA Worldwide 04-05-1986

    09/04/2020 Duración: 02h49min

    In an effort to try and feel good again, it’s time to turn back to Jim Crockett Promotions in 1986 for a look at NWA Worldwide from April 5, 1986! - Why this was a big day in the life of Mr. Ric Flair - Eastern Airlines and their tie-in with JCP - Jimmy Garvin and Precious: ready for the year 2020 - Remembering Wahoo McDaniel - Super babyface Magnum TA beating the crap out of Russians - Appreciating the greatness of Shaska Whatley - The necessary and respectable role of Hector Guererro - David Crockett and infectious enthusiasm Plus: - A second video of the show drops from heaven to provide more context - Speculating on what Ronald Reagan thought about wrestling - An appreciation of Julius Erving - YouTube Comment Theater Email: Twitter:

  • GFA Live #2: AWA Championship Wrestling 09-10-1985

    GFA Live #2: AWA Championship Wrestling 09-10-1985

    05/04/2020 Duración: 01h12min

    This “live” edition of Greetings From Allentown looks at AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN from September 10, 1985! Join Peter and his good pal Keithie as they try to discuss a show with terrible production values, even worse video quality, the 28/58 scoreboard ticker that appears with that day’s baseball scores, Larry Z and his place in history, Verne Gagne vs Stu Hart as a father, Greg Gagne/Greg Brady comparisons, and connecting The Godfather I and II to the turbulent mid-80s in professional wrestling! Email: Twitter:

  • 162. WWF Heat 04-01-2001 (WrestleMania X-7 Pre-show)

    162. WWF Heat 04-01-2001 (WrestleMania X-7 Pre-show)

    02/04/2020 Duración: 02h48min

    The end of the Attitude Era is coming soon but there is time for one last hurrah in advance of WrestleMania X-7 with this edition of WWF Sunday Night Heat from April 1, 2001! - How Rock-Austin is so good it makes people think positively about Limp Bizkit - Big events in the Houston Astrodome - Why you should NOT feel bad for Linda McMahon watching her husband make out with Trish Stratus - Capt. Lou Albano checks in from NYC actually sober - Recaps of the events leading to many of the WM17 matches: Regal-Jericho, Benoit-Angle, Chyna-Ivory, - Why the rivalry of the three teams in TLC II endures - An actual WrestleMania pre-show match! Plus: - Original commercials from 2001: plugs for music aplenty - Life in quarantine getting drive thru beer - Some perspective on the length of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign - YouTube Comment Theater Email: Twitter:

  • From Television City: Small Wonder S2E21 Wally The Wimp

    From Television City: Small Wonder S2E21 "Wally The Wimp"

    01/04/2020 Duración: 58min

    From Television City: The podcast looking at classic (and not-so classic) sitcoms of the past! This show features a look at the 1980s sitcom Small Wonder and the episode "Wally The Wimp" with guest start Jesse "The Body" Ventura as an old college "friend" of the Lawsons. Back then he was a 92 lb weakling bullied by Ted, but now he's a 247 lb professional wrestler! How will Ted (and Vicki the robot) respond to Jesse?

  • Adams Division Podcast #7: A Wrestlemania 1-14 Dream Card/Thought Exercise

    Adams Division Podcast #7: A Wrestlemania 1-14 Dream Card/Thought Exercise

    30/03/2020 Duración: 02h13min

    The Adams Division podcast is back! Steve Bennett (The Sports-Casters) and Peter Winson (Greetings From Allentown) reunite to once against discuss WrestleManias 1 to 14, but with a twist: Choosing ten matches from among the first 14 WrestleMania shows without using the same wrestler twice, only one match per WrestleMania show, only one world title match, one IC title match, and one tag team title match! What matches didn’t make the list for those restrictive reasons? What matches did Steve and Peter prioritize? Will Peter ever give Shawn Michaels credit for anything? Tune into find out! Subscribe to the Place To Be Nation Wrestling feed, home of The Adams Division Podcast

  • GFA Live #1: WWF Wrestling Challenge 09-28-1986

    GFA Live #1: WWF Wrestling Challenge 09-28-1986

    28/03/2020 Duración: 54min

    This special “live” edition of Greetings From Allentown looks at WWF Wrestling Challenge from September 28, 1986! Join Peter and his good pal Keithie as they converse over a show with a few surprising faces, a ton of early Slick, and a British Bulldogs match against Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik! Email: Twitter:

  • 161. WWF Wrestling Challenge 03-20-1994

    161. WWF Wrestling Challenge 03-20-1994

    26/03/2020 Duración: 02h38min

    The wonderful pairing of Gorilla Monsoon and Stan Lane barnstorm around Manhattan getting ready for WrestleMania 10 on this edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge from March 20, 1994! - Why Gorilla Monsoon would make an A+ wingman on the town - Breaking down the celebrities of WrestleMania 10: Burt Reynolds, Jennie Garth, Donnie Wahlberg and more! - Recapping Owen-Bret and similarities to Bruno-Larry - The insanity of writing off Randy Savage in 1994 - Pondering how Jim Cornette screwed up badly in the kayfabe universe - The problem with podcasting about a show with no actual wrestling matches Plus: - Life in time of quarantine - Finding salvation in complete broadcasts of 1986 Celtics playoff games - The hilarity of a pre-taped WrestleMania Email: Twitter:

  • 160. WWF All American Wrestling 03-30-1986

    160. WWF All American Wrestling 03-30-1986

    19/03/2020 Duración: 02h50min

    Eight days away from WrestleMania 2, Hulk Hogan has a rare singles bout on weekly TV on this edition of WWF All American Wrestling from March 30, 1986! - Comprehensive commentary on every celebrity invited to WrestleMania 2 from Joan Rivers all the way down to Herb, including those who no showed the event! - The back story of NFL battle royal participant Bill Fralic and why he came off as such a natural heel - Gorilla Monsoon with a great line about the Funks - Lamenting the failure of the WWF to give King Kong Bundy a proper face run - Who is the best midcard friend you could have for life? Also: - The most likely man to save America these next few weeks and his similarities to John Cena - Life in self-quarantine - The scene in Burlington, VT over the weekend

  • 159. UWF TV 05-02-1987 (Big Bubba wins UWF title)

    159. UWF TV 05-02-1987 (Big Bubba wins UWF title)

    12/03/2020 Duración: 01h24min

    Finishing up the two show series on the end of the Bill Watts-era UWF with a look at the first show under the control of Jim Crockett Promotions from May 2, 1987! - The invasion angle begins....with JCP midcarder Big Bubba Rogers coming in to challenge for the UWF title - Why the match between Big Bubba and One Man Gang was so unique - An insanely idiotic production snafu that spoiled a big angle within the show - The fate of the top ten UWF guys for 1987-88 - Chris Adams' remarkable patience with Terry Taylor's obvious douchebaggery - John Milton Ayers: the best choice for a commissioner? - The coincidence of two guys named Steve Cox who played football at University of Tulsa around the same time Also: - Pandemics and how this might impact Summerslam in Boston months from now - A pair of ref bumps leads to another rant about Earl Hebner's "all about me" refereeing - Reiterating an admittedly nutty plan for DST that everyone can agree on - YouTube Comment Theater! Twitter.

  • 158. UWF TV 04-25-1987 (Last Watts-era UWF show)

    158. UWF TV 04-25-1987 (Last Watts-era UWF show)

    05/03/2020 Duración: 02h43min

    This week starts a two episode journey through the end of the Universal Wrestling Federation as we knew it, but will we feel fine after this final Bill Watts controlled show from April 25, 1987? - Some economic data from the core UWF territory to shine light on the economic troubles hitting their fanbase - The oddities of TV production for a promotion on its last legs - Chris Adams is open about his legal issues and attempts a PSA - The trouble with Terry Taylor's voice - Dr. Death's strange views about the people of Japan - Trying to figure out why the WWF would take Sam Houston over Eddie Gilbert - Gary Young: The Forrest Gump of late-stage UWF? Also: - The mystery of the UWF's magazine - Exploring the notion that Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" album is really about something else - A righteous rant about current WWE RAW production foibles - The perfect Leap Day spent at an old WrestleMania venue - The return of YouTube Comment Theater! F

  • 157. WWF Superstars 02-29-1992 (The end of the Funeral Parlor)

    157. WWF Superstars 02-29-1992 (The end of the Funeral Parlor)

    27/02/2020 Duración: 02h59min

    It’s a leap year so this show features a look at a WWF Superstars from a Leap Day, February 29, 1992! - Jake Roberts puts an end to the Funeral Parlor but can’t keep the Undertaker down - The story of purchasing an El Matador Hasbro - A bizarre turn of events leading to the Money Inc. tag team title win and the Natural Disasters split from Jimmy Hart - Why in the hell are Kerry Von Erich matches making it to TV after his very public arrest? - Inspired by Papa Shango, a quick overview of the origins of voodoo - Rocking out to the Repo Man theme - Why ’92 Hulk Hogan is like a fading sports team dynasty Plus: - An idea for a Tito Santana/Virgil movie celebrating their friendship - The craziness of the 1992 US Presidential primary season - An impassioned defense of the Sid-Hogan WM8 match, excluding the botched finish - TWO VIRGIL PROMOS, but sadly also two IRS promos - A resolution to watch more movies Email: Twitter:

  • 156. Memphis Wrestling 04-28-1984

    156. Memphis Wrestling 04-28-1984

    20/02/2020 Duración: 02h36min

    Walking through Memphis without the King on hand for this edition of Memphis Wrestling from April 28, 1984! - Jimmy Hart as an oncologist and football coach rolled into one - Randy Savage: the best TV match guy of all time? - The gigantic miss that was the “New Fabulous Ones” of Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert - Jim Neidhart as the best friend you could possibly have - Ravishing Rick Rude struggles with his confidence - Harley Davidson, the proto-Hillbilly Jim - Norvell Austin as an overlooked figure in wrestling history Plus: - A rant about current NXT matches and an impromptu grievance about the Ruthless Aggression documentary - The Japanese adventures of southern “rasslers” - Struggling with the “TV time remaining” match - Dave Brown as VP of the USA or Speaker of the House - YouTube Comment Theater! Email: Twitter: @GFAllentownPod

  • 155. World Championship Wrestling 11-01-1986 (Nikita turns face)

    155. World Championship Wrestling 11-01-1986 (Nikita turns face)

    13/02/2020 Duración: 02h43min

    Things are moving fast on the road to Starrcade ’86 on this edition of Jim Crockett Promotions World Championship Wrestling from November 1, 1986! - The very necessary but ballsy move of Dusty Rhodes to turn hated Russian Nikita Koloff into a beloved babyface - A Four Horsemen planned strike of Starrcade? - Ravishing Rick Rude stumbles over a promo - Disappointment with Jimmy Garvin’s gear - The Battle of Philadelphia: JCP vs the WWF both run Philly on October 18, 1986 - David Crockett is a true taskmaster on the final interview of the show - One surprise about the build to Starrcade 86 Plus: - Another example of how bleeping audio is always funny - Three Musketeers: the Ronnie Garvin of candy? - Similarities between Creedence Clearwater Revival and the 2000s LeBron-led Cleveland Cavaliers - Getting an autograph from a wrestler without actually meeting them - YouTube Comment Theater! Email: Twitter: @GFAllentownPod

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