Goin' In By Contemporary Queer



GOIN' IN is the podcast that asks you to be all of you without leaving any of your parts at the door. Presented by ContemporaryQueer.com, we challenge you to define yourself for yourself. After all, who gone check you, boo?


  • #1: “Protest as Prayer/Shade as Love” Devyn Springer (HalfAtlanta)

    27/10/2016 Duración: 01h15min

    Devyn Springer is an artist-activist and educator from Atlanta whose dedication to all people in the Black diaspora has not gone unnoticed in local communities. A student at Kennesaw State University, a teacher, a photographer, a poet and artist, Deyvn has enough titles to make a Game of Thrones monarch blush. But that’s what happens when you’re poppin, amirite? I […]