Through the eyes of an artist, you can see the world. Eric Dowdle takes you with him on his journeys all over the globe. He also goes into great detail explaining unknown facts and history about the different places he has been. New episodes Mondays at 1 pm Eastern.


  • Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park


    Sharing is caring, and Glacier National Park knows how to do just that. It rests on the American and Canadian border in Montana. The gang joins with Karli and Justin Robbins to talk about how much they love the park, they even named their daughter Montana! Together they talk about Lake McDonald and Going-to-the-Sun Road and the best times to go.

  • Copenhagen



    Eric takes you to the home of the Little Mermaid and all things pickled. That's right, join us as we journey under the sea to Copenhagen, Denmark. This has been called the happiest place in the world and reminds our hosts of their childhood. Brent Lloyd is a travel expert and shares some of his tips with you.

  • Valley of the Sun

    Valley of the Sun


    Most great cities and landmarks start out as a place with lots of potential. Today Eric and the gang take you to Arizona where the first Arizonians saw a lot of potential. What once seemed like a desert wasteland has now turned into one of the largest cities in America. Today we talk about shoes melting on the sidewalk, all the different teams based here, illegal camel hunting laws. Professional skateboarder James Atkin joins the crew as he talks about his time boarding in the valley of the sun. ​

  • Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C.


    Who is a great leader in your life? Eric, Wally and Autumn bring you to Washington D.C., our Nation's capital and talk about inspiring leaders in their lives. From The White House, Washington Monument, to Arlington Cemetery there's so much to see. Special Guest Virginia Ali, owner of the famous Ben's Chili Bowl, joins the gang to talk about a local classic that you can't miss.

  • Nashville



    Everyone has a dream. Something they want to do or to become. Today Eric and the rest of the dreamers take you to a place where people go to make their dreams come true. Nashville is "Music City USA" and the home of country. Our hosts join with Craig Lloyd, an adventurer and zoology expert, to talk about their dreams from making it on American Idol to becoming a stuntman.

  • Huntington Beach

    Huntington Beach


    Were you ever in the "cool" crowd? Just by being at Huntington beach you'll become one of the cool crowd pretty quick. The best surfing in the world, amazing views, and the famous pier all await you. Eric talks with president of the MoreGood Foundation Jonathan Johnson about what it was like living in southern California. Jonathan has a love for the outdoors whether it's skiing on the Utah slopes or surfing the waves at Huntington Beach.

  • Mount Rainier National Park

    Mount Rainier National Park


    Have you experienced something beautiful, even though something deceptive lies underneath? Mount Rainier is our destination today and it has a secret. This lone peak in Washington state is an active volcano! Eric talks to guest Jeremy Howlett who is not only an original found of Altra Running Shoes but has been to over 30 national parks! Together they talk about deceptive beauty of the people and places around them.

  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island


    When you think of Prince Edward Island you have to think about Anne of Green Gables. Their stories are intertwined so much that one wonders, did the fictional story create part of the history of the Island? Native Canadian Jennifer Walstead, joins the trio and talks about the history of this Island and how Anne of Green Gables influenced her. 

  • Madison, Wisconson

    Madison, Wisconson


    Say cheese! We're in Wisconsin today, the capital city... Madison. Known for their love for football and "brots", this great city started out as little more than a piece of paper. This city is not afraid of change, and has more bicycles than cars! We go back in time with famous BYU Football Alumnus, Jim Hermann, as he talks about his home state of Wisconsin.

  • Bermuda



    Today Eric and the gang bring you to Bermuda. Not the triangle in the ocean, but the amazing island full of culture and quirks. Learn what the largest export from Bermuda is- next to happiness of course- and what a typical Bermudan breakfast consists of. Xango founder, Joe Morton, talks about some of his experiences he's had when he's gotten lost in the world. You might want to get lost here, so you never have to leave. 

  • Lake Louise

    Lake Louise


    Have you ever suddenly had a moment of clarity? Today Eric and the gang bring you to one of the cleanest, most beautiful places yet, Lake Louise. Named after a British Princess, and nestled safely in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, this destination will have you feeling on top of the world. Professional skier Caroline Gleich talks about her experience at Lake Louise and when she received some clarity.

  • Williamsburg National Park

    Williamsburg National Park


    What do you want to bring back? Something you had before but no longer exists. Today Eric and the gang discuss Williamsburg, an important city during the American Revolution, and how much we should appreciate this amazing city that was "brought back".   Travel blogger Ciera Hudson joins Eric and talks about where she's been and where she hopes to travel to!

  • Zion National Park

    Zion National Park


    Who or what do you look up to? Is someone in your life that you look up at and just say "wow"? To look up to your mentor may be metaphorical, but in Zion National Park, you'll be looking up, and we mean it. Deep in the canyon, surrounded by beautiful rock formations, one can't help but be in awe. Join us along with our guest Eli Kerr, CEO of Gnarly Nutrition, as we discuss who we look up to, and how to fuel up at Zion.

  • Crater Lake National Park

    Crater Lake National Park


    What is deep and meaningful to you? Maybe something that others just can't understand. The unique feelings you have for a place, person or thing make all the difference. That's exactly how some people feel about Crater Lake in Oregon. James Lawrence is known as the "Iron Cowboy" after doing 50 iron mans in 50 days in 50 states. Today he joins with Eric as they talk about the beginnings of this lake. We know how the lake came to be by science, but the ancient tales of its origin might intrigue you more. You decide which one you will believe, and we will all enjoy the beautiful "deep blue lake" together.

  • Grand Canyon National Park

    Grand Canyon National Park


    Have you ever heard something over and over, but just can't truly understand it until it happens to you? Today we talk about the Grand Canyon, and how seeing is believing. We continue our tour of National Parks with the Grand Canyon. You can hear about it, see pictures or movies, but until you see it with your own eyes, its true grandeur will remain a mystery to you. Special guest Golden Harper, founder of Altra Running, ran his first marathon at ten years old. He also tells us his experiences of running from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon.

  • Mount Vernon

    Mount Vernon


    Today Eric, Paul, and Autumn talk about Mount Vernon Virginia, the longtime home of George Washington. This mansion is more than just a beautiful building, it is in some ways America's first home. Some give up the single life to be married, others give up their physique for spending time with the kids. George Washington left this spacious and comfortable home to serve his country. Discuss what good thing you would be willing to give up for something better. Principal of American Heritage High School Grant Beckwith talks about what gave up.

  • Barcelona



    What are you proud of? What makes you different? Are you not afraid to show it? In this episode Eric and the gang welcome our newest co-host Autumn Elmer. She is the daughter of Eric Dowdle and joins with him as they talk about what makes Barcelona different, and why it doesn't need to be ashamed! Visit La Sagrada Familia, hit one of the best beaches in the world, and learn about the home of the one and only Antoni Gaudi.

  • Independence Hall

    Independence Hall


    What are you looking forward to? The founding fathers would no doubt be surprised to see how their once young and small country has evolved. Go with Eric, Autumn and Wally to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and discover the place where two of America’s most famous documents were drafted. Try a Philly cheesesteak, touch the liberty bell and learn about this majestic attraction, with special guest singer Madilyn Paige.

  • Florence, Italy

    Florence, Italy


    What do you want to preserve in your life? Join Eric and the gang with special guest Don Shelline, BYU Radio station manager, as we explore the classic Italian city of Florence. Everything is beautiful to see, from the museums, bridges, to the pizza. All the new amenities increase comfort, but do not take away from the unmistakable beauty of Firenze.

  • Newport, California

    Newport, California


    What comes easy to you? Today Eric, Wally and Autumn bring you to Newport, California, where relaxation comes easy. They talk with Newport lover and producer of the show, Juan Vazquez, about the food, entertainment and great people will find you here. Take a promenade on the boardwalk, grab a beach-side snack, rent a swim-suit then learn about the hometown of John Wayne. New beach has it all save one thing— you.

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