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Friends re-watching and discussing the TV series Twin Peaks, in anticipation of the upcoming third season. Contact us at:


  • “Episode 20: Checkmate”


    Check and mate: James’ greasemonkey getup helps him close the deal with dead tooth Evelyn. Ed and Norma fill the house with sex stink. Truman has a boner for Josie’s new do. And Nadine and Snake begin their doomed dive down elder love alley. Send us an email: or tweet @twinspeaks1   Advertisements

  • “Episode 19: The Black Widow”


    I think with this rewatch we are really starting to put all the pieces together. And who’s right there in the middle pulling the strings? — Little Nicky. Also, Snell mumbles, Sam stutters, and Lori giggles. Contact us: @twinspeaks1    

  • “Episode 18: Masked Ball”


    We are discussing season 2 episode 11: “Masked Ball”. We did It! Our hard work has finally paid off. We’ve put in all those hours and we finally made it to the quintessential James storyline. Also, David Duchovny makes his long awaited debut and Lori investigates Dairy Queen mascots. Contact us: @twinspeaks1  

  • “Episode 17: Dispute Between Brothers”


    You guys!!– we’re back!! In this episode we discuss season 2 episode 10: “Dispute Between Brothers”. Snell makes some brain busting connections. Contact us @twinspeaks1 email

  • “Episode 16: Arbitrary Law”


    In this episode “Arbitrary Law” Coop uses his juju to finally figure out who the killer is. We also discuss our feelings on taxidermy. Contact us @twinspeaks1 email  

  • “Episode 15: Drive With A Dead Girl”


    Officially our longest break yet but we are back! We are discussing Twin Peaks season 2, episode 8. comments @twinspeaks1 email  

  • “Episode 14: Lonely Souls”


    In this episode “Lonely Souls” we finally find out who killed Laura. It was Ben, right? Wait. And we say our final goodbye to Harold. contact us: @twinspeaks1 or

  • “Episode 13: Demons”


    In this episode we cover S2 E6 “Demons”. We find out that Sam does an uncanny impression of Gordon Cole. Lori dons a flawless Mr. Tojamura disguise. And Snell takes a wild ride on the Metamucil Pony. contact us @twinspeaks1 or  

  • “Episode 12: The Orchid’s Curse”


    Snell uncomfortably watches Twin Peaks with his father-in-law and Harold rakes his face. Hear us talk about this, and more, on this episode of Twin Speaks. Give us feedback at: or, on twitter @twinspeaks1      

  • “Episode 11: Laura’s Secret Diary”


    We are in the THICK of the Harold episodes and we announce our first contest.    

  • “Episode 10: The Man Behind Glass”


    In this episode of Twin Speaks, we cover season 2, episode 3 of Twin Peaks, have some laughs and make some goofs. Email us at or tweet @twinspeaks1 with feedback or bits.    

  • “Episode 9: Coma”


    Which is the true currency of pain and sorrow: Garmonbozia or James’ music?  In our least PC episode yet, the cast of Twin Speaks discuss season 2, episode 2 of Twin Peaks. A lot happens, you guys.    

  • “Episode 8: May the Giant Be With You”


    The beginning of a new life and a new season. Twin Speaks adds a new addition, and Major Briggs lookalike, to the cast- who may, or may not, try to sell you a used car. May the Giant be With you…And, also with you. Since recording this episode, there has been news that David Lynch and … Continue reading “Episode 8: May the Giant Be With You”

  • “Episode 7: The Last Evening”


    It’s the final episode of season one of Twin Peaks!  Shelly is hot, Jacques is gross.    

  • “Episode 6: Realization Time”


    Every day, once a day , give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. Today, give yourself the gift of a Twin Speaks Podcast!  We discuss Season 1, episode 6 of Twin Peaks, disguises, presents, and cherry stems.    

  • “Episode 5: Cooper’s Dream”


    In this episode of Twin Speaks, we discuss Twin Peaks fashion, as usual, and attempt to solve the mystery of the sticky Flesh World mag. Here is a link to the great TP pin-up art we’ve been talking about, you can view and purchase it here: Follow us on twitter @twinspeaks1 or email us at … Continue reading “Episode 5: Cooper’s Dream”

  • “Episode 4: The One-Armed Man”


    Would you go to a shooting range with Andy? Because, we may just be setting the scene for our upcoming Andy slash fiction, on this episode of Twin Speaks. Contact us: @twinspeaks1 or Here are a few links to videos we mentioned on this podcast: Saved by the Bell: Inappropriate Woo’ing Roadhouse: “Pain Don’t … Continue reading “Episode 4: The One-Armed Man”

  • “Episode 3: Rest in Pain”


    In this podcast episode, we talk about Conway and other potential listeners, funeral fashion statements and Twin Peaks deathmatch battles.  As always, there are probably some Twin Peaks spoilers. Please email us at:, or tweet us @twinspeaks1    

  • “Episode 2: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”


    We took a couple of weeks off, but have returned with a podcast discussing episode 2, from season 1, of Twin Peaks.  We’ll discuss Dr. Hayward’s medical practices, Naydene’s decor and maybe even take a stab at speaking the language of the Red Room. Don’t forget, there’s always spoilers. Contact us with comments or questions at: … Continue reading “Episode 2: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”

  • “Episode 1: Traces to Nowhere”


    In this podcast episode, we revisit Twin Peaks episode 1 and discuss plot lines, characters and JFK. Warning: There are spoilers. When Kyle MacLachlan hosted the series premiere of Saturday Night Live in 1990, they did an amazing Twin Peaks skit. We found it! Check it out here, at SNL Twin Peaks parody Sam … Continue reading “Episode 1: Traces to Nowhere”

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