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Cathy gives us theheadlines from the Costa Blanca News -aweekly newspaper here on the Costa Blanca.We also discuss relevant news from the UKCathy's enthusiasm about the stories in print in the Post.Extra! Extra! Read all about it.....


  • Hardened Criminals, Naming adnShaming and Philip's Gaffes


    A hardened core of 100,000 criminals convicted last year already had at least 15 offences to their names. This group of serial offenders is growing and now contains more than one in three of all criminals coming before the courts. Worryingly, official figures show that less than four in ten were sent to jail last year, despite their lengthy criminal records. The number of offenders with such prolific records has shot up by more than 50 per cent in a decade. Revenue chiefs are naming and shaming tax dodging small firms while multinationals avoid paying billions. Nine ordinary business people, including a hairdresser and a coach operator, were listed by HMRC as part of a scheme to highlight deliberate defaulters. The idea is that the stigma of appearing on the list, to be updated every three months, will persuade those thinking of avoiding tax to pay up. KIDS’ campaigner Esther Rantzen has revealed how learning of TV perv Jimmy Savile’s abuse was “a dagger in my heart”. The ChildLine founder, 72, had

  • Stress, Phones and Facebook


    A clinic is to be set up at Westminster to help MPs suffering from mental health problems. Doctors in the House of Commons have reported a growing number of MPs coming to them with depression and anxiety. Officials have approved £25,000 annual funds for specialist treatment to be offered to MPs at Westminster after they said discrimination over mental health makes it hard for them to talk to doctors in their constituencies. A popular 12-year-old schoolboy nicknamed ‘little Superman’ was found hanging in his bedroom by his brother after his mother confiscated his mobile phone, an inquest heard today. Cain Westcarr, of Gloucester, had spent two days arguing with his mother Veronica Lee, and was discovered just 40 minutes after saying he was going to his room to listen to music. Beaufort School student Cain was later pronounced dead at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, but the inquest heard his act may have been a cry for help and he had not intended to take his life. A schoolgirl sent messages to her family

  • Greed, Horsemeat, Charity Money and Youth Unemployment


    BRITAIN’S biggest banks face compensation claims worth billions amid accusations of mis-selling "absurdly complex products" to small businesses. More than 90 per cent of the complex interest rate hedging products could have been mis-sold, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) revealed. I'm sure everybody completely understands these details. Lenders have already set aside more than £700million to compensate potential claims but many experts warn the final cost could exceed £10BILLION. However, the bankers will still be getting their bonuses. BRITISH burgers could have been contaminated with horse meat for more than a year. Is anyone really that surprised. Could can mean anything. The Food Standards Agency’s boss said that “filler” from Poland containing beef and horse meat could have been used by the Irish processor at the centre of the scandal for at least 12 months. Appearing before a committee of MPs, FSA chief executive Catherine Brown said: “This filler had been used for a year. “When the Polish ge

  • Crime Figures, Gambling and Teaching!


    The UK Police are accused of exaggerating the drop in crime figures out today - with 400,000 crimes not even recorded. Crimes in England and Wales fell by 33 per cent according to police despite the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recording a fall of 17 per cent. The ONS said the "rate of reduction" in recorded crime "may over-state" the decrease. ONS statistician John Flatley said bigger falls in the cops’ figures could be down to pressures to meet crime targets. Meanwhile, another major problem has been identified. as gamblers in Britain’s most deprived town are staking £72MILLION on betting machines a year. The staggering total is gambled in 69 terminals at 19 bookies in Rochdale, Gtr Manchester. Over £1million is staked on each “fixed odds betting machine” a year — £2,858 a day, or £119 an HOUR. Punters in London, Glasgow and Liverpool gamble away £2.74BILLION on 1,973 of the terminals. The recruitment process of teachers should well be queried as a Religious Education teacher has been

  • UK Journalist Priorities are still Adrift


    The Sun seemed to concentrate on one aspect of a terrifying event in London when an helicopter crashed into a crane. The crane operator Nicki Biagioni told how he escaped death — because he overslept. The dad of three, 30, was an hour late and hurrying to climb the crane on a 52-storey building when a helicopter hit it, showering burning wreckage on to cars in the road below. He said: “I should be dead.” Two people, including pilot Peter Barnes, 50, died in the crash in Vauxhall, South London. Twelve were hurt. It seemed incidental to the story that there were two fatalities. A ccording to the next story, a guest on the JEREMY Kyle show caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to the ITV studios after a lie detector test revealed his fiancée was cheating on him. In violent scenes aired on a very recent morning, viewers saw John fly into a rage and kick his foot through a glass door after he was shown the results. However, most comments to the story included "This was a repeat. I saw it a while ago. Thi

  • Greed Britain


    In the UK greedy MPs have demanded a staggering 32 per cent pay rise. More than two thirds say their £65,738 a year salary should be £86,250. One in 12 are out for more than £100,000. Tory MPs want most at £96,740. Lib Dems are after £78,361, with Labour seeking £77,322. Meanwhile, whilst all this is happening MINISTERS are drawing up controversial plans to axe perks for all new pensioners, rich or poor. These will include winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, TV licences and eye tests would all be scrapped to eventually save billions. Under the idea being worked on in the Treasury, poorer people who retire would be compensated for the loss by a boost to their pension credits. A picture in the Sun shows a TOPLESS teen dancing drunk on a podium with a naked pal as a mob of boozed-up blokes chant for her to drop her bikini bottoms - all while her seemingly horrified mum and stepdad watch on from just yards away. Sozzled Jemma, 19, was away on a girls’ holiday to Magaluf as part of a BBC TV documentar

  • Youth Unemployment in Spain Far too high-


    Youth Unemployment in Spain is far too high. The discussion is what is going to happen to change this. FOOTBALL is shamed after players admitted RACISM, DRUGS, MATCH-FIXING and HOMOPHOBIA are all rife in the beautiful game. The shock findings emerged from a poll of 100 professional players, including 11 Premier League aces. More than a quarter (26 per cent) said they had heard another player make a racist comment during a match. Half agreed that some of their fellow pros regularly take recreational drugs such as cocaine — while 14 per cent admitted knowing that match-fixing goes on in the game. Others said some players also use performance enhancing drugs. A Swedish expedition team has found an unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, leaving some to believe it’s the remnants of an extra-terrestrial ship. Scientists went off on a deep-water dive to debunk some theories about the underwater object, but were left with more questions than they had answers. The divers found that the object was

  • Christmas Podcast 2012


    EU citizens in Spain could face proof of income tests if they wish to reside in the country for more than three months, as the Spanish government implements what has been described as "a crackdown on migrants" as it seeks to resolve the ongoing economic crisis. CORRIE actress Helen Flanagan yesterday admitted she was “stupid” and “insensitive” as she apologised for posing with a gun - while the world mourned the Sandy Hook massacre victims. The I’m A Celeb star caused outrage by posting a Twitter picture of herself in a lacy black bra and pointing the weapon to her head. The 'Plebs' situation hots up....... IT is said the camera adds ten pounds — but that would not make much difference to these morbidly obese glamour models.The large ladies posed in the buff for the sake of art. Italian photographer Yossi Loloi, 36, captured them for his FullBeauty project, aimed at turning the notion of beauty and form, fashion and attraction on its head. Each woman weighs at least 30st — with the heaviest pushin

  • Alzheimer's Patient with Maggots in her ear.....


    A 92-YEAR-OLD woman with Alzheimer’s was found with 57 maggots crawling in her ear while she was under the care of a home costing more than £6,000 a month....CRITICS are calling for a ban on a Dutch Christmas character called "Zwarte Piet" or Black Pete — over claims it is RACIST.Traditionally seen as a helper of Santa or "Sinterklaas", Black Pete turns up in St Nicholas Day parades across the country every year. The saint's day is celebrated on December 6 in the Netherlands - with Black Pete helping Santa deliver Christmas gifts and sweets to children who have been "good".A MAN nicknamed “Mitch” for his resemblance to the Michelin Man was dumped by his wife during a counselling session – but has now shed more than 10 STONE.PREGNANT Kate Middleton has left hospital after being treated for acute morning sickness.Accompanied by hubby Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge smiled to well-wishers as she clutched a bouquet of flowers before climbin

  • Policewomen killed in Manchester


    This has been a dreadful week for the Manchester Police with two unarmed female officers brutally shot and killed. Elsewhere, a Latvian lady has huge demands on the benefits system and a Nigerian couple are stealing by fraud whilst the Bankers are taking their huge bonuses. Where is all the money coming from? Plus Cathy gives the latest on her pages in the Costa Blanca news

  • Hillsborough Discussed


    It's too easy to get guns and weapons...The Hillsborough report has been made public.....a little boy comes back to life after a drowning.......and look out, here's Postman Prat!

  • The Wonderful Paralympic Games London 2012


    The Paralympics have begun with a wonderful spectacle. Two care workers have been found guilty of abusing an elderly lady. A centenarian has had a bad traffic accident and Twitter is being used for evil.

  • Harry and the Crown Jewels


    Anders Breveik is jailed for 21 years in a luxury suite of cells, Prince Harry drops his trousers for all the world to see..are the Crown Jewels safe?... and Cannibalism is in the news again. California suffers raging fires and the egg is centre stage again...

  • Unbearably Hot ......


    There's anxiety about the state of health of Prince Philip in the Uk. India is squandering money on space programmes yet accepting 300 million in aid from Britain and an another child rapist and murderer gets a lenient service and the judge appears to not see the offences he is judging. The yolks of eggs are considered as big a risk as cigarettes and Spain has heat and forest fires. All this in another hectic week for Cathy.

  • Drug Dealer at 12 years of age!


    Cathy and Vince discuss the wonderful successes of the British at the Olympic Games before turning to a 12 years old drug dealer and two horrible youths who have injured a young woman in a car smash. The judge says he is appalled at the leniency of the sentences he must administer. There is better news on the fight against cancer.

  • Hero or Villain?


    Cathy and Vince discuss the young lad who is being rewarded despite slipping through the security checks at Manchester airport and getting onto a plane to Rome.....the Olympic Games have started and the flag for North Korea is not the right flag. A sacked judge in Spain will be picking up a big pay-off and thugs attacked a brave 82 year old man in Britain

  • Disgraceful Judgement in the UK


    This week.....Cathy and Vince discuss the stupidity of a judge who did not see fit to severely punish a 14-year-old boy for raping a 4 year old girl. His logic was that the boy has been corrupted by society. I argue that the judge should be dismissed as unfit to sit on such the Bankers!

  • Vile Paedophiles


    Cathy and Vince discuss a vile paedophile ring at the centre of which was one of the Queen's troopers and his wife who is a teaching assistant, cheap money for the traffic police and Italians turning to Boots for assistance

  • Dogs in the News Again


    Cathy and Vince discuss the dog attacks on children, the racism at the European Football Championships and animals that are badly overweight

  • What an Example!


    Cathy and Vince look at the Bali sweets package,l the 3year olds groomed for stardom, the Doctors who still want their huge pensions, the miners and cleaners on strike and the number 1 non-taxpayer!

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