Las Mata Maridos



Im a story teller from East Los Angeles bringing to life the torturous tale of two women who share a of friendship and an oath of vengeance


  • Season 1 Finale

    31/05/2021 Duración: 12min

              Hello and thank you for taking this stroll down memory lane with me once again. I wanted to get the entire first season out before my 44th birthday tomorrow. In the process of putting the season out again. I noticed that I had even recorded on my birthday the first time around. I am so excited to release the episodes of season two and set everyone on a new journey. There will be cameos along the way from the women and Don Calacas, either together or by themselves.           My plans for the podcast this time around, along with sharing more stories and murderous tall tales on this podcast, I am also hoping to start up a YouTube channel where I can bring you the stories alongside with me and be able to provide Closed Captions for the deaf and hard of hearing audience.  I cant wait to see where all this goes because the sky is the limit. It has taken me so very long to throw out fear and insecurity

  • Episode 4-5

    31/05/2021 Duración: 15min

              Hello and thank you for coming back and joining me and my favorite murderous duo Las Mata Maridos. I am going to be spilling some story "T" on these two episodes. The church, now burned to the ground is becoming a brand new business. The women and and Philemon are creating a plan  of action as far their plan for revenge. I named the brothel "El Obscurito" which is yet another hidden tribute to the East Los Angeles based band "Casa De Calacas" The origin of the name is a song from the first EP. Its a pulse pounding, heart thumping, get you off your seat and dance kind of song. Its a song that has a whole vibe to it from beginning to end. I will put the link down below so you can give it a listen and move and groove in your living room.            The idea behind taking the rings after each kill was something I always knew I would write in a calling card behind the title. They are Las Mata Maridos (The Husband Killers) but what solidifies that fact is the trophy they take after each kill by way of the

  • Episode 2 & 3

    31/05/2021 Duración: 24min

    Welcome back everyone!            For this re-release I am opting to combine two episodes at a time to lengthen them more. In the original it seemed only natural to me to read and post, boom, bam, finished. However most of the podcast I myself am fond of are around 20 minutes to start. Therefore, this time around it only makes sense to put two episodes together and when the second season kicks off the episodes will go as long as well.            These two episodes are particularly graphic, as the two lead characters are raped and beaten on their wedding day. I was working purely off of fear and imagination. These horrifying moments do not stem from any type of personal experience. I just took my wild imagination to the worst block possible. If I could reveal my most biggest dream for this entire story, it would be the husbands. I have always and forever been a hug fan of Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Ber

  • Episode 1

    31/05/2021 Duración: 09min

              In this first episode we meet our main characters Luz Montoya, and Cielo Sanabria. We are also introduced to the deal made by their families in hopes of building an unstoppable dynasty through the union of their children in the future. You learn that the girls were immediate best friends that bonded instantly and were inseparable from an early age. The girls had no idea about just exactly how dangerous their families were and I think that all came to light for them when they discovered the bloodbath at the restaurant.           As I have said before, the surface of these two women are modeled after my lifelong soul sister Itza Ojeda and myself from the Casa De Calacas music videos of the Mexican classics, "Ella" and "Y Andale". The layers beneath the surface of these two woman are the spirits of my two grandmothers and strong female role models that include my mom and aunts and a few other important w

  • Welcome back.

    23/05/2021 Duración: 13min

    When I put out the first version of Las Mata Maridos, it was my first attempt at everything. I was just wetting my feet in the podcasting pool and I winged more than I prepared. This time around, I have done much more researched and I am feeling confident in the what I have learned. When first wrote about the women, my mind was assaulted with all the ideas to further the tale with more characters with their own stories to tell. Each tale contains one of the three main characters from the original story of Las Mata Maridos. Certain stories will are visited by the women, and the rest for the most part will have Don Calacas, as he is their guardian and keeper.  I am beyond thrilled that you are joining me on this new and improved journey. I cannot wait for you to meet the all the other characters and their unforgettable stories. Along with the new improvements I have made, I am also very excited to share with you another way this podcast has changed. I would like to highlight one small business at the concl