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Café Seoul is an award-winning podcast for and by expats living in Korea.Join Rob, Eugene and friends as they discuss many issues and experiences in the country they now call home.On news of the weird with Eugene, our resident newsman brings up of the strange or funny news items that have been trending since we last saw him.Then, the Café Seoul crew answer YOUR submitted questions about life in Korea. Wanna ask something? Give us a shout at cafeseoulpodcast@gmail.comRoboseyo is on the pulse, interviewing interesting people living in Korea, or leading a discussion that's been trending in the blogosphere, the twittersphere, or any other sphere there might be.What started off as a bi-weekly comedy podcast has now morphed into a talk show format that discusses issues and current events in Korea, while still keeping a tiny bit of comedic flair.In the days where we were a snl ripoff, there is a lot of background music in the podcast and most of it is provided by Dan-O at


  • Cafe Seoul 2016 07 07 419 Ask Ajumma

    Cafe Seoul 2016 07 07 419 Ask Ajumma

    17/08/2016 Duración: 54min

    Maybe you've been looking around on Facebook and seen the ads for the company called "Ask Ajumma." What is Ask Ajumma, or better yet, WHO is Ask Ajumma. Café Seoul leaves no stone unturned in our quest to find out more about the who's who in Korea. (Okay, we actually just Asked Ajumma). Ask Ajumma is in fact an actual person, Maria Lee. News of the Weird w/ Eugene-Idiots protest Chinese dogmeat festival in Chinatown, NY-'Feminists' protest free coffee for soldiers at Starbucks-Korea Unveils New Creative Branding SloganOn the Pulse w/ RobAll about Maria Lee and the Ask Ajumma Concierge Service. In a nutshell, the service helps those with language or cultural barriers or those who just don't want to deal with ordering or finding things. It will find anything you want and find a way to deliver it to you.

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 06 11 418 While youre gone

    Cafe Seoul 2016 06 11 418 While you're gone

    19/07/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    In this episode, Eugene's mom and stepfather joined us in the studio!News of the Weird-English Villages Close-Butter Flavored Milk to hit Korean Stores-Smartphone App Cures Smartphone Addiction?On the PulseEugene's Mom and Pop discuss what it's like to have a loved one gone long term in a foreign country.

  • Cafe Seoul 2016-06-02 417 Dear Korea

    Cafe Seoul 2016-06-02 417 Dear Korea

    27/06/2016 Duración: 01h14min

    Special Guest: Jen Lee, creator of the Dear Korea webcomic!News of the WeirdChinese detergent company makes "racist" TV adRestaurants get sued, ban kidsJapanese Snack Alert: Watermelon Chocolate Chip Salt CookiesAsk Rob & Eugene: What is the best way to be critical of Korea without being insulting?On the Pulse We discuss the Dear Korea webcomic and book with creator Jen Lee. The discussion goes from how she got started, to what her motivations are, why she wanted to make a book, how some of the reaction to the book has been, plans for the future and the like. We were very honored to have her on the show. We're true fanboys!

  • Cafe Seoul 2016-05-19 416 Full Circle

    Cafe Seoul 2016-05-19 416 Full Circle

    07/06/2016 Duración: 45min

    When you come to Korea to find yourself... is it possible that you weren't actually looking in the right way, for the right thing?This episode is the second appearance of Sharon Heit, who we last saw in episode 3 of this season. She's got her newly minted yoga instructor's license, to kill her students by putting them in difficult yoga positions. Just kidding, she wouldn't be killing them. Sharon was a pleasure to have in this episode and it's kind of sad that she's actually leaving Korea.News of the Weird w/Rob-Seoul to sell names of 10 subway stations-Why Most Koreans Don’t Have to Wear Deodorant-Ihwa-dong residents want to remove the murals that made their neighborhood famousOn the Pulse w/ EugeneAs we mentioned before Sharon was soon to leave Korea, and we wanted to discuss what she's learned from her time in Korea. Now a lot of times when you ask an expat what they have learned from their time in another culture, they will give you their assessment of the country as succinctly as possible, but this discu

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 05 12 415 Youre a Lifer!

    Cafe Seoul 2016 05 12 415 You're a Lifer!

    26/05/2016 Duración: 01h10min

    Special Guest: Paul MatthewsNews of the Weird w/Eugene-Children’s Day trash piles up on Busan beach-Paris Baguette to begin franchising in USA-KFC introduces chicken flavored nailpolishReverse Culture Shock it to Me w/ Olivia – Paying in cash to get discountsOn the Pulse w/RobPaul Ajossi discusses how some immigrants have been in Korea long enough to know that they will probably be here forever, and they’ve made peace with that.

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 04 21 414 The Baby Box

    Cafe Seoul 2016 04 21 414 The Baby Box

    16/05/2016 Duración: 01h13min

    Finally! The fabled, long awaited Baby Box episode! I'm sure you listeners out there have had enough of the discussions about which superhero films are good and which aren't, or who's a cool expat doing cool stuff, so this episode is a bit of a serious one. Perhaps you found your way here as you were linked from somewhere else to either defend or argue against the baby box. If so, welcome. This writeup will get to the baby box soon enough.News of the WeirdKorean Girls Try American Pizza Korea Herald says Japanese are boycotting McDonaldsNetizen Asks in Naver Cafe if it would be okay to Adopt Children to get Housing Benefits, then Relinquish the ChildrenAsk Rob and EugeneWhy do both Rob and Eugene care about adoptee issues if neither of us are adoptees?On the Pulse w/RobAnd this is where the show gets a bit on the heavy side. We were put in touch with Ross Oke who is a human rights activist to discuss the baby box. Admittedly, going into the conversation, all three of us are very much against the baby box and

  • Cafe Seoul 413 2016-04-14 Superbats

    Cafe Seoul 413 2016-04-14 Superbats

    28/04/2016 Duración: 57min

    I guess I need to clarify that this IS a Korea related podcast, but a certain chemistry and passion comes out when Rob and Eugene are geeking out. So in this episode, we have a debate about the somewhat controversial film Batman vs. Superman. We also have a special guest nerd, longtime listener Jae Choi joins us to help shed some light on this film.This is one of the few times you will see Eugene and Rob disagree about something. Rob was very unhappy with this film, while Eugene thought it was good. Response to the film is overwhelmingly negative out there. If we were to compare it to James Bond films, Rob would probably say it's on par with something as terrible as Octopussy, whereas Eugene would choose one of the Dalton films.. hideously underrated.And once again.. this IS a Korea related podcast.. Honest!

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 04 07 412 Nifty Fifty

    Cafe Seoul 2016 04 07 412 Nifty Fifty

    17/04/2016 Duración: 01h27min

    This is the 50th episode of Café Seoul!We've come a really long way since the beginning. We are happy to welcome back Christine Shin, an original member of the podcast dating back to season 1! In this episode we reminisce about Season 1 and Season 2 onward, with special cameos from Mike Jones, Aaron Martinson, and Olivia Lim.We also introduce a new segment, Reverse Culture Shock with Olivia.Anyway, have a listen and we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

  • Cafe Seoul 411 2016-03-17 Lets Go

    Cafe Seoul 411 2016-03-17 Let's Go

    28/03/2016 Duración: 01h01min

    In this episode we discuss the end of humanity, as the Alpha-Go computer program defeated human champion Lee Sedol in a game of Baduk (Go). Pleased to have ranked chess player Kevin Em join us for this important discussionNews of the Weird-Kim Jong-un would look totally hot if he just lost 20 kg.-Ramen noodles can make kids gay according to Indonesian politician-Chloe Moretz is "First American" on Korean SNLAsk Rob & Eugene-Is Gostop (고스톱) Japanese?On the Pulse-Discussing the impact of a computer besting a human in a board game. Are the robots going to kill us all with a similar plan as what occurred in the plot of the Bond film Moonraker?

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 02 26 410 - Lets Rock

    Cafe Seoul 2016 02 26 410 - Let's Rock

    26/02/2016 Duración: 01h13s

    Hey there, coffee drinkers! Café Seoul is back after a long hiatus. Please forgive us. Life happens. Eugene became a dad! Yay! But he is so sleepy. Becoming a dad will do that. Dr. Michael Hurt was also supposed to be here for this episode, but he's got some things to take care of, so he couldn't make it. Don't worry though he'll be back soon enough.News of the Weird-Japanese twitter user goes viral after finding a practical application for the phrase "This is a pen."-Korea takes first place at 2016 Coupe du Monde Boulangerie (Baking world cup)-Conan O'Brien has cameo on Korean dramaOn the Pulse-We interviewed the band Jesper, one of the greatest bands to ever hit the Korean music scene. Matt was not there with us, but band members Jay and Josiah were there along with manager Maim. We were actually very honored that they approached us about appearing on our podcast instead of us searching for them. They sought us out and found us, acting kind of like the spy who loved me. I really wish that's how it went all

  • Cafe Seoul 2016 02-01 409 Never Can Say Goodbye

    Cafe Seoul 2016 02-01 409 Never Can Say Goodbye

    22/02/2016 Duración: 54min

    We've been away for a while and for that we apologize. Eugene had a major development in his life (that we will talk about in an upcoming episode). As such, this episode is a bit late. We are joined by Charles Montgomery, an expat expert on Korean Literature. In a lot of this show has to do with leaving Korea.News of the Weird-Seoul to "restore" "historic" palace walkway-Korean Girls try to open their eyes (Video)-Rebuilding dining and drinking culture from scratchAsk Rob & Eugene - When do you know it's time to leave Korea?On the PulseCharles Montgomery is the man with the golden gun when it comes to literature. He is the curator of the Korean Literature in Translation webpage, and has worked very closely with the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Today our discussion is about Leaving Korea too Early. Charles is headed back to the United States for personal reasons, but if he could have his way, he'd stay here just a little bit longer, so he could finish a few things here and there. The discussio

  • 2016-01-28 408 A New Dope?

    2016-01-28 408 A New Dope?

    29/01/2016 Duración: 01h05min

    Well even though we said it was our 45th episode ever, it's actually our 46th! Dr. Michael Hurt joins us again, and could possibly be a permanent fixture on Café Seoul! If so, welcome aboard!News of the Weird-Thai Makeup Company under fire for "blackface" commercial-Korean government to teach K-pop dances to improve lives of poor kids in Indonesia-Korean netizens lose their poop over possible racism at a Starbucks in GermanyAsk the 'tician, 'seyo and HugeWhy don't subtitles match what the people are saying all the time?On the Pulse/At the MoviesThis segment is a grand follow up to the 2015 Star Wars Holiday Special, and we're with Dr. Hurt for a follow up to the speculation discussion about The Force Awakens.

  • 2016 01 07 407 Monkey Business

    2016 01 07 407 Monkey Business

    08/01/2016 Duración: 01h09min

    It is the first episode of 2016, the year of the Monkey.News of the Weird w/Eugene-Korea has a kimchi deficit.-Don't be an Air Seoul.-Korean woman makes out with fish, gets 2 million views.Ask Rydia, Rob and Eugene-Family Guy comes to Korea?On the Pulse w/ RobCharles Yu and Jason Kim play Fact or Fiction, discussing the difficulties of starting a business in Korea

  • 2015 12 17 406 2015 Star Wars Holiday Special

    2015 12 17 406 2015 Star Wars Holiday Special

    17/12/2015 Duración: 01h35min

    It seems as if we're going to have the Star Wars Holiday special every year from now on. That's a good thing. Sometimes it is good to take a break from talking about issues and quirky news. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Hurt for joining us yet again to indulge in some nerdy fun.Nerds of the WeirdHere we speculate on Star Wars Episode VII: The force Awakens. Some of the things we got right, others we were way off the mark.Ask the Jedi CouncilBob A. Fett from Sarlaac, Pittsburgh asks us what our earliest Star Wars memories were and when we became diehard fans.On the ForceHere we discuss the Star Wars franchise on how it relates to Korea

  • 2015 12 03 405 Halfblood Prince

    2015 12 03 405 Halfblood Prince

    13/12/2015 Duración: 01h17min

    In this episode, Eugene finally breaks his silence about being a multiracial Korean, a subject he's avoided for the entirety of the podcast.Rydia's back a little early.News of the Weird /w Eugene- Schoolgirl wake up call service launched in Japan- "Korean vodka" rises in price- Government Designates 2016-2018 "Visit Korea Year" Ask Rydia Rob & Eugene - Question about enduring long holidays with Korean family if one doesn't speak KoreanOn the Pulse w/Rob - "Special Guest" Eugene discusses a list of things that it is probably not wise to say to someone who is a multiracial Korean person.

  • 2015 11 19 404 Pop Over Seoul

    2015 11 19 404 Pop Over Seoul

    21/11/2015 Duración: 01h08min

    Rydia is back this episode. News of the Weird w/Eugene-Asian Zombie on Walking Dead-Statue Commemorating Gangnam Style to be Built-Aids Awareness Event Goes Awry-Video of American Girl Speaking Korean to Taxi Driver Goes ViralAsk Rydia, Rob and Eugene - Why is football (American) not popular in SeoulOn the Pulse w/RobInterviewing Shaun Webb of Pop Over Asia

  • 2015-11-5 403 Seoul Searching

    2015-11-5 403 Seoul Searching

    06/11/2015 Duración: 44min

    Yes, we know the soul/Seoul pun is lame, but we had to put it in because I.Seoul.U is now the slogan of the city we love. (Groan)This episode is all about finding yourself in Korea and we are joined by the super talented photographer extraordinaire, Sharon Heit!News of the Weird w/Eugene-Oreo rice? Eww!-Korean traditional drums "cure" allergic reactions-Korean govt. proposes plan to increase birth rate by making kids go to school one year earlierAsk Sharon Rob & Eugene: How will Korea react to the first non-Korean black K-pop artist?On the Pulse w/RobSharon Heit talks about finding herself in Korea

  • 2015 10 22 402 Ugly Swans

    2015 10 22 402 Ugly Swans

    25/10/2015 Duración: 01h28min

    This episode is jam-packed with lots of cool stuff.Introducing Rydia Kim trying out to be our 3rd cohost.News of the Weird w/Rob -Japan, Korea, and Chinese governments with politics failsAsk Rydia Rob and Eugene-How is being in Korea in your 30s different than in your 20s?On the Pulse w/ Eugene-Eugene Interviewed Julianna Haahs about her viral status update which discussed how her Korean family judged her so much based on her appearance... then Rydia, Rob and Eugene discussed.

  • 2015 10 08 401 Hell-o!

    2015 10 08 401 Hell-o!

    17/10/2015 Duración: 01h10min

    It's the beginning of a new season!Sadly Blossom is no longer with us... life happens.News of the Weird w/Eugene-Korea to standardize food translations-Seoul to enforce a taxi driver dress code-Seoul to choose new sloganAsk Blossom, Rob, and Eugene (without Blossom)-Question on re-entering English teaching in Korea in your mid-30sOn the Pulse w/RobRob asked some of his students their thoughts on Hell Joseon, and we discuss the meme and their answers.

  • 2015 01 16 317 Get Out of Seoul

    2015 01 16 317 Get Out of Seoul

    21/07/2015 Duración: 01h02min

    After 17 episodes and our longest season to date, we are now hanging it up for season 3. We'll be back in either September or October with a whole new season roaring and ready to go.But, since we're taking a break, this episode is about getting out of Seoul to see the countryside.We were very happy to have Jennifer Flynn join us for this episode.News of the Weird w/Eugene-Korean parents want "a white female babysitter who can do freetalking"-Foreign tourists allowed to traverse N. Korea by rail (on guided tours, not through the country on their way to China)-Korea Observer publishes ill-advised op-ed piece describing how rude Koreans areAsk Blossom, Rob, and Eugene & On the Street w/HyewonWhere is the best place to visit outside of Seoul for a Vacation?On the Pulse w/RobWith Korean Scholar Jennifer Flinn, we discussed the best ways we could get out of Seoul and see the countryside.Jennifer also plugged the Royal Asiatic Society

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