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Drew and Griss discuss life and ministry in the suburbs


  • Podcast: Finale?

    18/07/2017 Duración: 50min

    Drew and Griss hit all the nostalgic notes of the pod, wax eloquent, get almost emotional and finish up the pod for good? There are still two unpublished pods that could be released and maybe they restart the the pod in after Griss' move. Never say never!

  • Ep. 54: The holiness of God

    07/04/2017 Duración: 47min

    Drew and Griss talk about spring break in Medina, easter and the keeping of Lent. They go on an extended review of holidays and why we buy s'mores and get into mug of the week and the weather update. They argue the NCAA vs NBA. They finally get to the GOLDEN CHAPTER OF THE BOOK (18:00)--the holiness of God.

  • Ep. 53:The Love of God

    07/04/2017 Duración: 34min

    The crystal clear pod! Drew and Griss do the blitz pod and get everything in--in only 34 minutes! They talk about the beginnings and evolution of the pod amongst Mug of the Week, Weather update and what's good. They get to the Chapter--The love of God (19:30) and have a quick and comprehensive discussion.

  • Ep. 52: The Grace of God

    07/04/2017 Duración: 40min

    Drew and Griss talk about Drews first experience at a car wash, uber and lyft services and all the well known segments to start the pod. Drew even sneaks in some MLS talk. They get to the chapter of the book The Grace of God (17:41) and have a spirited conversation on the topic

  • Ep. 51: The Mercy of God

    07/04/2017 Duración: 46min

    Drew and Griss talk about all the hot topics, personality tests and have a surprise visit from Bob and they get $20 off of him in a shameless camp plug! They get to the chapter early (17:30) and talk about the mercy of God.

  • Ep. 50:The Justice of God

    03/03/2017 Duración: 01h44s

    Drew and Griss start off the pod wearing some fresh patagonia's and go for an hour--getting into a heated discussion on the Justice of God and what that means for the Christ follower of today.

  • Ep. 49: The goodness of God

    16/02/2017 Duración: 39min

    Drew and Griss have a spirited beginning complete with a visit from Bob and a discussion of the Mug of the Week and favorite sitcoms and series (0:00-3:45). They discuss parasailing and the peril involved (4-5:45) They finally get to the book and discuss: Is holiness the ultimate good or is there good in other places? What does it mean that God is good? (23:00)

  • Ep. 48:The Faithfulness of God

    10/02/2017 Duración: 32min

    Drew and Griss, amongst other things argue the importance of personality tests in a heated debate and then get into the Faithfulness of God at the 20 minute mark!

  • Ep. 47: The Bob Pod!

    19/01/2017 Duración: 51min

    We bring on frequent drop in guest Bob from Starbucks to answer questions that Bob has pondered and thinks other "seekers" may have thought about also. The guys begin with Mug of the Week (2:30) Bob describes his idea for the pod (19:55): his questions and doubts about religion and the guys dive into a lively sometimes heated conversation (22:20) that starts with the Question: How did God pick a back water tribe in the middle east to spread His message?

  • Ep. 46: God is everywhere?

    19/01/2017 Duración: 35min

    Welcome to the carefully curated pod. A trimmed down version of the usual ramblings of Drew and Griss. They whittle down all their thoughts to just a 35 minute pod. They talk about Michigan and the beat down world (1-3:00), they have an epic Mug of the week (5:30) and discussion about movies and being sick (8:50). They get to the Omnipresence of God (20:14), and contrast this truth with the idea of pantheism.

  • Ep. 45: The Transcendence of God

    30/12/2016 Duración: 57min

    Drew and Griss start off with a discussion of holidays and how to take time off as a full time minister and then Griss goes into an extensive overly-long story about his Mug for the Mug of the Week section. Drew takes umbrage at the length of Griss' Mug of the week story and finally turns the subject to the new school he is taking classes from (11:13). Bob drops by and suggests a series in which his questions would be the center, they talk about the idea of drinking alcohol in the morning (19:00) and they FINALLY get to the book (33:45) and have some good points that you really have to pay attention for

  • Ep. 44: The Divine Omnipotence

    22/12/2016 Duración: 54min

    Its a grab bag of holiday talk! We're all busy, so we didn't write a full synopsis. Just know we talk about Holiday gifts, the reverse ratio of size of tv to size of house (11:00) and introduce a new segment--Friday is the new Monday. They get to the book at the (27:30) point of the pod and have a great convo on the power of God.

  • Ep. 43: The Wisdom of God

    14/12/2016 Duración: 56min

    The podcast returns after a slight hiatus and Drew and Griss ruminate about the holidays and Maria drops by to "explain" her budgeting theory called "It's CHRISTMAS!" (1:30). Drew debunks popular Christmas songs (2:00) and they go on to lesser things. Griss talks about working at a cigarette shop or a vape shop and Drew chimes in with hidden office facts (5:00) They talk about a number of things including bullying today vs bullying in the 90's and they FINALLY get to the book (34:50) and talk about the Wisdom of God.

  • Ep. 42: God's Omniscience

    23/11/2016 Duración: 46min

    The pod returns with an apology for how bad last weeks pod was (0:30) and a discussion on giving up on podcasts and thinking for yourself. They do the weather update (3:45), the mug of the week (5:15), the importance of high learning and reading (6:45). Grissom then explains why he is the Mike Tyson of college (8:00) and Drew talks about his experience as an RA. They touch on lessons learned from Bill Simmons and how to be a real revolutionary (9:30). They dive into Chapter 10 of Knowledge of the Holy (20:00) and discuss the truth that God knows all things.

  • Ep. 41: The immutability of God

    18/11/2016 Duración: 59min

    The pod comes at you on a week delay again with a dive into Drew and Griss' political views! Drew offers his musings and paints his canvas of what is going on in the world and Griss of course pushes back against everything and everyone(0:00-14:55) They pick up the regularly scheduled pod (15:00) and cover whats good, why Drew's middle school group is called the middle, the mug of the week. They talk about the first time they ever listened to a podcast (21:00), they salute the veterans (22:00) Rich and Bob, and finally get to The Immutability of God (30:00) and have a lengthy discussion!

  • Ep. 40: God's Infinitude

    09/11/2016 Duración: 42min

    Recorded this podcast last week! The guys talk weight loss (0:30), the slack app, the backlash to the new Macbook and then they are visited by a surprise guest 2 year old! They talk World Series, what day to vote on and whether or not Drew is registered for the Selective Service. They get to the infinitude or the absolute unmeasurableness (not a word) of God at the mid pod (17:49) and have a good discussion.

  • Ep. 39: The eternity of God

    03/11/2016 Duración: 50min

    Drew and Griss return with a pod about the eternity of God and why that matters. They cover impromptu speaking (2:46), speaking in other countries with translators, the Weather update (6:25). Drew muses on the difference between selling yourself and selling someone else (7:30). They talk world series--(recorded after game 2) (13:40). They talk about Chicago, the Cleveland against the world phenomenon, the NBA, Griss' favorite three Bengals and then finally get to the book and have a lively debate of importance of the truth that God is outside of time (24:50)

  • Ep. 38: The Self-Sufficiency of God

    26/10/2016 Duración: 58min

    Hopes run high as the fall rambles on and Drew and Griss discuss the greatness of life in Medina (3:10), the highs and lows of fall weather (4:30) and then Bob joins and wreaks havoc (5:37) by having Drew and Griss debate the highs and lows of the social gospel. They pick back up with the Mug of the Week (22:15) and talk about their Marriage theme verses and Drew's birthday gifts and goals. Drew shares some Randy Nickel insights (28:25) of ministry transitions. Griss does a (32:50) WHAT'S GOOD monologue about sports. They finally get to the chapter--The Self-Sufficiency of God (35:43) and have a lively discussion.

  • Ep. 37: The self existence of God

    19/10/2016 Duración: 49min

    Drew and Griss return with a blazing take on politics and the importance of Facebook posts (2:05) complete with stats and figures (5:30) They do the Weather report, Mugs of the Week and What's Good (11:00) and talk about absurd Halloween decorations and costumes (14:00) They tackle the self-existence of God (18:00) which is the main topic of Chapter 3 of Knowledge of the Holy by Tozer

  • Ep. 36: The trinity, baseball, friendship and bigger visions

    11/10/2016 Duración: 46min

    The guys discuss the topics of the day as well as craiglist ads (4:30), baseball (5:20), pumpkin patches (11:30), and the emotional effects of ministry (14:15). They finally get to Chapter 4: The Holy Trinity (15:30). They discover that Tozer is a true contemplative. Drew loves it and Griss has big problems with the floweriness of Tozer's speech. They end with Three Mugs In (38:14) where Drew talks about Triple A friendships and Griss talks about bigger visions and what they do for you.

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