True You With Cathy Cole



True You is here to empower you in discovering, loving, and being continuously more of who you truly are - beyond labels, beyond conditioning, beyond disapproval - by dissolving the entanglements of unconsciousness that distort your experience of who you are.Receive and experience the power of deep transformation that stirs your own inner truth and activates your own seeds of awareness. More of who you truly are is knocking at your inner door ready to come out to be seen from a place of loving who and wherever you are right now.There is nothing to become. In fact it is about unbecoming everything that is not you so you can be more of who you are already designed to be.Thank you for listening as you embark upon remembering, rediscovering, and re-experiencing the peace, joy, and success of loving where you are right now as you unfold as your true nature as consciousness.


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