Maras Legacys Guiding Mission --With Divine Mind and open heart my intent is to gift to you truth based, empowering, renewing, uplifting information from higher calling Beings of light. Thru the Gathering of the wisdom of the ages, experiences lived; lessons learned with conscious and collective unity. Assisting civilization to promote optimal health and enhanced activations, leading all into states of higher intelligent light. - Offering delicious recipes from Maras Cosmic Kitchen , advancing the organic mission, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole organic foods, herbal formulas, smoothies and enhanced elixirs. To assist all those aligned with higher frequency to nurture the love for Mother Earths womb, the source of organic healing. To Honor the journey of all sentient beings experiencing individual life paths into sovereign states. Collectively assist those prepared to embark on a Divine eternal journey of empowerment a life of magnificence fulfilled. Enlightened teamwork is a collective mission, for those heading into the ascent. Only love resides in this space and given freely. We are pure love -- vibrating as One. Your Beloved Host, Mara Baldomino "My Love is my gift to you" © 2011 Maras Legacy All Rights Reserved


  • Update: Galactic Shifts Enhanced Frequencies Maya Prophecies

    01/08/2013 Duración: 01h03min

    The current timelines have been upgraded, many are able to sense and awken to this amazing timelines. So many are yet to even realize that we are part of a Universal force that is guided by Creators. Here is an update on what I am experiencing as One that listens and watches the grids,cosmos, frequencies, tones. We come with magestry now in these auspicious timelines.  Rememberance and knowing is an individual choice now. Joing Mara Baldomino for some updates, music and imaginative journey into the cosmic realms

  • Bionetwork of Kundalini : Dropping the Pain Body

    12/07/2013 Duración: 02h28min

    As human beings in form, the most challenging and limiting aspects of the process of using kundalini energy for evolving, is the bliss of our own emergence. Either we want to retreat from the "limitless space" of Bliss into the pain-body, or we want to turn the Bliss into some self-indulgent ego gratification. To leave the Bliss pure in its essence is almost impossible at the beginning of the transmutational process. Pain is the result of blockage of kundalini and bliss is the result of the flow of kundalini. As kundalini moves through parts of the body that were numb to us, we feel the extent of our contraction. Those that have learned to utilize the Shakti yoga benefits begin to open up like the most beautiful fragrant lotus flowers. What was once painful turns into bliss.On this show we explore the different aspects to this process of evolution, tending to the fire of the Kundalini is of great importance. Becoming addicted to the pain-body perhaps assists some to find validity for existing through pain. Fo

  • Observed mirroring: Creating the Base Seeing the Perspective

    11/06/2013 Duración: 01h33min

        Whichever way we choose to view the circumstances of our current world there is no denying that there is a degree of change taking place. We have come into a vantage point of observing our life so that we may broaden our horizon into that what we choose to be. We look ahead in anticipation into a world that has shifted seemingly overnight. These timelines are here to offer the way of the warrior. The choice to dare to surpass the tremulous road into one of light and wide open vistas.  Join us for a show that assists us all in seeing a movement  that has begun to shift our world as we know it. Being prepared to surpass and work towards our goal is of the essence. The Ripple affect is continuous ever evolving and has now expanded into what is known as rippln. The lessons and experience of this movement have just stretched further. With each movement forward we expand into endless possibilities and probabilities.

  • The Ripple Movement Has Probability to Shift Consciousness

    01/06/2013 Duración: 01h35min

    This movement has gone viral in just a few days! We are now over 670,000 strong marching to hit a million by June 15th 2013! There exist ripples throughout the world. This idea is now ready to gift fruition into a momentum beyond exuberance! now with the Rippln movement creates your ripple. The upcoming videos bring us more clarity and knowing. Remember beloved we are in the remembrance and knowing timeline. This not just a mobile app it’s beyond anything we have experienced thus far!    Bellow are two videos that will give you an idea where we are. Watch the new Rippln Wealth Revolution. The first video is from rippln and the second one is outstanding beyond words expressed by Pachamama. “ It has begun: Humanity's Immune Response”     One Love One Heart Eternal   Mara

  • Update Show: Release Duality Manifest One love

    20/10/2012 Duración: 01h43s

    Come join me in a perfect timeline 2:30 AM show. Bringing you updates, new information and downloads galore. This in preperation for upcoming changes  into the Shift of the Ages, Listen and move forward with open heart and One love.My love is-My gift to youHost Mara Baldomino PS. Towards the end of the show there was dead air for about 10 minutes. Stay tuned  I return say something that makes me laugh even now 9/21/2014 ...its a good thing when one can laugh with Self love it!