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Real people. Real stories. It's important to share stories about what God is doing in someone's life. It reminds us that we are not alone in our experiences and expands our view of God and the world in which we live. This Is The Day connects with authors to musicians people just like you. Their lives have been transformed by God and they have a story to tell that could change your life. What's your story?


  • Up Close & Personal with Kristian Stanfill


    Recorded in front of nearly 40,000 people, Passion released their latest album, ‘Follow You Anywhere’ at the recent global Passion event. Each song empowers worshippers around the world to join God in the story He is writing to this generation. Don’t miss this exclusive up close & personal conversation with Kristian Stanfill of the Passion Band along with host Nancy Turner on the This is the Day podcast. Listen at or through Moody Radio’s Mobile App.