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  • Healing Q and A Session 1

    30/09/2021 Duración: 53min

    Evangelists Steve and Rosie Young answer some of the Mose frequently asked questions about receiving our healing!

  • Giant Hunters Pt 2

    30/09/2021 Duración: 01h04min

    Pastor Brad continues our conversation on becoming Giant Hunters! Thanks for joining us!!

  • Giant Hunters!!

    10/09/2021 Duración: 57min

    Pastor Brad starts a conversation about becoming giant hunters not just giant killers!!

  • Persuasion Process Pt 2

    30/08/2021 Duración: 01h28min

    Pastor Brad continues our conversation on what the process of persuasion looks like! We'd love to hear your questions and comments to this series! Please send them to our Facebook page!

  • The Persuasion Process Pt 1

    22/08/2021 Duración: 01h24min

    Pastor Brad continues our conversation on building our faith. Faith is being persuaded and the process of persuasion is easier than you've ever imagined!

  • Faith is a Verb!

    22/08/2021 Duración: 54min

    Audra shares how our faith is active and in motion! Faith is a verb more than a noun!

  • Faith for Others!

    05/08/2021 Duración: 01h05min

    Pastor Brad continues teaching about why it's important that we strengthen our faith or persuasion!

  • By Grace Through Faith Pt 2

    25/07/2021 Duración: 01h10min

    Pastor Brad continues our conversation about Kingdom living is Living by Grace through Faith!

  • By Grace through Faith Pt. 1

    25/07/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    Pastor Brad starts a new series on how we live life by grace through faith!

  • The Prayer of Consecration

    15/07/2021 Duración: 21min

    In this Pastor in Your Pocket we will begin a series of conversations on the varying or different 'kinds' of prayer. We will begin with the Prayer of Consecration. Please feel free to send comment or questions into our Life of Faith North Facebook page!

  • Your Life of Faith

    15/07/2021 Duración: 53min

    Pastor Kevin Jacobs shares on how to thrive in Your Life of Faith

  • Overcoming the Barrier of Unforgiveness!

    12/07/2021 Duración: 01h04min

    Steve & Rosie Young talk about the #1 barrier to healing...unforgiveness! Time to move from the 'Law Zone' to the 'Grace Zone'!

  • What Is Unbelief?

    12/07/2021 Duración: 56min

    Steve & Rosie Young answer the question about what is unbelief and how big does your faith have to be?

  • You Have Been Given Faith

    12/07/2021 Duración: 39min

    Steve and Rosie Young continue to teach us about ministering healing. In this session we cover the reality that we already have all the faith we will need!

  • You Have the Anointing!!

    12/07/2021 Duración: 58min

    Steve and Rosie Young kick off our first Miracle Workers Weekend with a great teaching on we have already been given His anointing!!

  • Men Are the Tide!!

    08/07/2021 Duración: 18min

    In this Pastor in Your Pocket, Pastor Brad share a thought on the truth that if we make a man better we make everyone connected to that man better!

  • The Ides of Man

    08/07/2021 Duración: 45min

    Pastor Kevin Jacobs shares an inspiring Father's Day message to our church family about being the "Man" Father has made you to be!

  • The Feminine Heart of God

    07/06/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    Penny Teichmiller teaches on how women reflect the feminine heart of God! How true biblical femininity is a reflection of His image and expresses the equality we all share of Father's highest creation!

  • Growing in Spiritual Maturity

    20/05/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    Pastor Alan Duke teaches us the power and potential that's in us as we grow in spiritual maturity! 

  • Rebuilding the Idea of Family

    10/05/2021 Duración: 01h28min

    As we celebrate our Mothers we begin a conversation on rebuilding our nations strength and influence by rebuilding our worldview about Family! 

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