Two Baked Hams With Mike And Jonah



Two Baked Hams is a Central Alberta podcast featuring the greasy ridiculousness of Mike and Jonah.


  • Planet of the Pigs

    10/09/2020 Duración: 02h22min

    Ham Two recounts his recent covid-19 scare while Ham One gets into his latest path to forward progress. Your Two Baked Hams talk about vaccinations and not just the cure for corona. What does it mean for you to virtue signal your forced compliance? Find out in this episode what that means and what it actually means to be "busy". The music for this episode is by #MentalHealth #ImBusy #PigPlanet

  • Not Made on this Earth

    20/08/2020 Duración: 02h29min

    What do Tom DeLonge, Joe Rogan, Commander Fravor, and Bob Lazar all have in common? UFOs, or known now as, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Your Ham's deep dive into the CIA's recent admission that they have recovered craft "not made on this Earth". They look into the "TicTac" UAP Commander Fravor encountered, as well as the "Gimbal video". They also dig into the identity of Bob Lazar and why he is so important to the UFO/UAP conversation. This is potentially world changing, and the Hams are right here at the forefront. The music for this episode is by #ICYMI #AliensExist #UFO #WeBelieve #BobLazar #Element115 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion References: Commander Fravor breaking down his “Tic Tac UFO” encounter (start around 20mins) Gimbal Video TicTac UFO Are Aliens Plent

  • Buttstuff

    13/08/2020 Duración: 02h15s

    Buttstuff. There it is. That's the show notes for the episode. The music for this episode is by #Buttstuff #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Eagle Hearing

    06/08/2020 Duración: 02h07min

    Your Two Baked Hams ponder the quality of blindness and if they'd be able to paint a windmill from verbal explanation. Though blindness sounds like difficult business, Ham One recounts when he learned of his *clears throat* Eagle Hearing. You read and heard that right. Ham One has Eagle Hearing. And there is all kinds of other nonsense in this episode. The music for this episode is by #WindMills #EagleHearing #QuitSocialMedia #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Creamy Toes

    31/07/2020 Duración: 01h52min

    Product testing is the opener for this episode of the podcast. It was an unintentional glimpse into an odd, sexual fetishes. If you are not to dismayed, please give us a rate and a review. Also Ham Two is doing some nefarious programmer stuff? The music for this episode is by #CreamyToes #Socks #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Hams in Space the Third

    17/07/2020 Duración: 01h50min

    Episode sixty-nine has your Two Baked Hams' respective brains turned off. In honour of being too smart and to effectively balance the space/time continuum, Ham One and Two partake in "a bit of the ol' boy." Import Questions Raised in this Episode: would you get a cybertronic stomach? how much for a pint of blood? which Tron was Tron 2? The music for this episode is by #SixtyNine #HamsInSpace #BrainsOff #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Neo-Marxism & Communism in the West

    09/07/2020 Duración: 02h03min

    This episode opens with your Two Baked Hams recounting their days under the influence of alcohol and the parties where alcohol was communal though scarce. Unwittingly, the Hams’ opener segue into their discussion on Communism and, most interestingly, Neo-Marxism in Western society. In this episode your Two Baked Hams, whilst not necessarily fully endorsing nor condemning the aforementioned inflammatory political and cultural doctrines, wrestle with Neo-Marxist ideology and the recent calls for Communist reform in the West. This discourse was spurred on by the reports that the Black Lives Matter organization’s roots were affixed to Marxist theory and ideology. The Two Baked Hams affirm that the Black Lives Matter movement is important and, quite simply, is good for society; however, both Ham One and Ham Two recognized the problems with Marxist and Communist political, social, and cultural thought. The music for this episode is by #Marxism #Communism #SpeakingOut #DickFlip #BlackFace #Brown

  • Apple's Covid App

    02/07/2020 Duración: 02h04min

    In this episode the Hams try to remember what their respective high school weight rooms looked like. What does muscle memory do and how strong is farm strong? Word on the street is Apple has a Covid-19 tracking app. But it might be built right into the phone!? The music for this episode is by #MuscleMemory #Apple #Covid19 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Elimination of Complacency

    25/06/2020 Duración: 02h02min

    If you're feeling ham-y, give this podcast a rating (five pineapples out of five). In this episode Ham Two has an update regarding his covid-19 testing and the whole mask thing. Ham One is in a gym membership dilemma. And what do the hams think about lifting gloves? The music for this episode is by #Complacency #Gloves #Covid19 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • The Mask Thing

    18/06/2020 Duración: 02h08min

    Ham Two shares his Covid-19 testing experience, and you'll have to listen to find out where his results landed. The Hams talk about the mask thing, and wonder if it's really important or not so much. Ham One has some wrestling-esque news. Who should come through the curtain first: the heel or the babyface? Please listen and rate the podcast. The music for this episode is by #BabyFace #Masks #Covid19 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Learning can be Fun

    11/06/2020 Duración: 02h12min

    Listen and rate our podcast, please. The Hams try to figure out how OnlyFans works from the outside looking in. Also, how much is too much masturbation? Where is the line between habit and addiction? These questions your Two Baked Hams attempt to answer. The music for this episode is by #OnlyFans #RIPDavid #Covid19 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Hamazon

    04/06/2020 Duración: 02h06min

    Don't forget to rate the podcast! Covid-19 is calming down and your Two Baked Hams are recording podcasts again. Is this episode they Hams are introduced to Ham One's new place. There are cats, and there is a cat featured in this episode. What if the Hams are living in a simulation. Does Ham Two have a moral dilemma? The music for this episode is by #Simulation #Hamazon tilasaurus#DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Conspiracies and Covid19

    08/03/2020 Duración: 02h16min

    The Hams break down the Mad Max franchise and discuss the impending corona virus apocalypse. More importantly, though, listen for the feel good story of the week. Don't forget to rate the podcast. The music for this episode is by #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Fish Hunters

    28/02/2020 Duración: 01h47min

    It's too early on Sunday to be _____? But more importantly, what constitutes a Hunter of Fish? What's permitted in the shower? Number 1 or 2 or both? What's at the bottom of the ocean? The cure for what? What's going on at the Nait gym on March 28th? Get lots of questions, but not a lot of answers. The music for this episode is by #FishHunter #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • In light of New Information

    30/01/2020 Duración: 02h15min

    Welcome to episode 60 of your Two Baked Hams. The Hams discuss shooting guns while in high school, failing science 10 (but not really), and being in gym class with all the hot chicks. Also, find out the pros and cons of Full Force Fitness in #YEG. The music for this episode is by #NewInformation #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion Fun Links: @roryandolive (Version II's Cat's Instagram)  Drunk African Animals:

  • Fuzzed Out Boobs

    16/01/2020 Duración: 02h20min

    Your Two Baked Hams have recorded their first show of 2020 with a special, surprise guest arriving. The special guest may not be a lady, but they dress like a "lady" now and again. Please enjoy the guest reading the latest from the Masturbatory news, and share your thoughts on Ham Two's the duffle bag full of steroids scenario. The music for this episode is by #FuzzedOutBoobs #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion 

  • Hams in Space Part Deux

    07/11/2019 Duración: 02h19min

    Your Two Baked Hams go to space and answer a metaphysical brain buster question, which was submitted by a member of the #HamFam. The music for this episode is by #ShadowGovernment #Space #Weed #ItsLegal #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion 

  • Sober October FAIL

    31/10/2019 Duración: 02h17min

    Your Two Baked Hams failed Sober October and they want to tell you how it happened. The Grizzly Bear phones in during the recording by accident. And Ham One says no wife swapping with Dana. The music for this episode is by #RanchDressing #SoberOctober #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • Sober October, 2019

    04/10/2019 Duración: 01h36min

    Your Two Baked Hams discuss this year's parameters for Sober October and reminisce about their failed sobriety last year. One Ham has a couple of announcements and would you skip Dick Day in the gym? Music for this episode is by #DickDay #SoberOctober #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

  • If you had three inches

    21/09/2019 Duración: 02h05min

    This week the Hams answer one helluva special question with a special guest visit from a member of the #HamFam. But less importantly, do the Hams fart in front of their respective girlfriends. This and more on this week's episode. Music for this episode is by #Farts #BaconBucks #DeanRichtorIsABum #WokeLion

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